Do not switch on EasyGate in the vicinity of medical Install EasyGate with respect to a good GSM signal engine in the gateway to receive the next call as. 2N® EasyGate and 2N® SmartGate are one-channel analogue GSM gateways giving the user an opportunity to save costs on calls to. GSM networks. 2N Analogue GSM Gateways. 2N® EasyGate & 2N® SmartGate. If you are interested in our product please call + or email us at [email protected] cz.

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It is a solution based on mobile network used for a fixed line replacement. This makes it especially suitable for environments requiring resistance against power outages.

View all search results. Anywhere a fixed line is not available or where its operation would not pay for itself. In addition, you also get a power supply backup.


2N® EasyGate – GSM/UMTS Gateway – 2N

In case of main power supply outage, the gateway gets its power from the internal batteries. This makes it resistant against power outages.

These serve to determine the call pricing or duration of an attached device. Basic installation consists of inserting a SIM card, entering the PIN code and connecting the analogue line device to the relevant port on the gateway. After that, you can start making calls immediately.

In the event of a long lasting pick-up of the handset without dialling a eadygate, a predefined number is dialled automatically. The gateway can also be used for monitoring. You get a full-featuread equivalent of an ADSL line.

We are always pleased to offer 2N products to our customers, because we value the high gatsway, performance and reliability of 2N equipment. CSD up to DTMF and pulse Tariff impulses: Where to Buy To purchase a product locally, please find an authorised partner. Example of Typical Connection. Register for Technical Training View our technical training courses. Choose the one that suits you best.


2N® EasyGate

Sales Area Selling Propositions Fixed-line replacement. Project Consulting Do you need help with a project?

Trust our experts to assist you.