2N from Fairchild Semiconductor. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. 2N Datasheet PDF Download – NPN Transistoor, 2N data sheet. 2N datasheet, 2N pdf, 2N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Central Semiconductor, Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose.

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KinKo International Electronic Limited Part Number Available – Electronic Components – Page 4

This also permits quick identification of close sub- stitutes. Your production-line require- ments for identical plug-in units are met through tight control of junction and package characteristics.

Dtasheet conditions are determined in a digital manner by prepunched cards. These specifications out- line electrical and environmental capabilities under standard Mil-spec conditions. HL26 2N P58 Over-all sock- et height is 0. You can specify parameters, logic levels. Electronic Design Transistors Potver switching Switching up to w in fxsecs is afforded by these amp, dif- fused alloy, power transistors.

Typi- cal saturation resistance of series 2N and 2N is 0.

It is claimed that the mod- el substantially increases transistor performance by optimiz- ing the effect of heat transfer coefficient available in free convec- tion. The applica- tion literature listing has been repeated on the back of this card for your convenience.

It is now possible to design all solid state communications equip- ment at costs comparable to, or below, vacuum designs. AJ ,si pnp,AJ,ge pnp. Units can switch 25 amps at collector-emitter voltages of 40, 60 and 80 v.

Special tapered installation tools are available. Long Island City 6, N. If the postal return card has been removed from your copy of this publication, write on your company letterhead. Not in- tended for datzsheet use, the Type depends upon the circuitry and crt of a Type to provide ampere collector displays, three ranges of collector supply, and ampere base supply— tor calibrated displays with Collector Current on the Vertical Axis and either Collector Voltage or Base Voltage on the Horizontal Axis.


The collector-base junction, therefore, is properly terminated un- derneath the oxide coating where it is protected against datashert in- duced leakage currents.

Kemet was first to bring you high-voltage solid tantalums60, and 75 volts — three big contributions in 2Vi years! New procurement specifications Procurement specifications on each of the above units are available in military format for designers and reliability engineers. For further details, call your nearest sales office, authorized distributor, or write to Applications Engineering, General Instrument, West John Street, Hicksville, N.

The Annular manufactur- ing process provides a new degree of freedom from surface effects for xatasheet products. Power gain is 20 db measured at Me ; collector-to emitter volt- age is 6 v, and collector current is 2 ma. HF28, 41,68 2N A8. At 25 C, the collector-to-emitter 2b914 age dztasheet 5 v and the collector cur- rents are ju,a and 1 ma.

T40 Electronic Design New from Honeywell! For technical data on any member of the J-Series, write to: Logic levels are 0 and 6 v dc. All Sylvania epitaxial planar devices now benefit from this victory.

2n9144 Individual plug-in units provide frequencies of 20 me, me, and me. As you are undoubtedly aware, P. Typical frequencies exceed Me. P9, 2N All 2N A Will not manufacture after RA Raytheon Co. Where deviations from this occur they are noted. Old-timers know Merck is a basic manufacturer of polycrystalline silicon, with the largest research budget in the industry during the past half 22n914.


Unusually small Fastest silicon switch available: AMP i 1. Sensitivity illumina- tion system range is 2. Forward currents to 0.

(PDF) 2N914 Datasheet download

The w dissipation rating is said to be the highest available in the TO- 3 diamond package. In response lo customer demand, Westinghouse now makes available its field-proven silicon power transistor in a new double-ended case.

Write today for full information Transistor Test equipment. Advanced low-level planar technology of Texas Instruments 2N and 2N transistors makes possible high gain at low current levels, plus the extremely low leakage currents necessary for true low-noise dagasheet.

Condensed catalog SI Siliconix, Inc. Vc up to 30 v, Ie up to ma. A heat-treatable alloy, PD does not lose its high strength characteristics after exposure to high tem- peratures.

Product Categories | GP BJT | New Jersey Semiconductor

The formation of channels has been traced to effects of ionized or polarized particles on or within the passivating oxide coating which create an electrical environment that tends to alter the ap- parent polarity of the material directly beneath the oxide— an effect which is particidarly pronounced in lightly doped P-type material. Collector saturation voltage is 0. Sylvania engineers departed from stand- ard industry practice and developed a technique of bonding aluminum wires to aluminum, illustrated at the right.