2SC Datasheet PDF Download – 2SCxxx Transistor, 2SC data sheet. Product Detail: Offer 2SC NEC, 2SC, 2SC from Hong Kong NEC 】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 【Price】【Datasheet PDF】. 2SC 2SCxxx Transistor Components datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for integrated circuits (ic).

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Follow the outlined procedure to acquire maximum information. BOO K Section Turn to type number cross index section 1. The manufacturers’ codes are shown for each type number.

Manufacturers’ names in code order are listed at the back of the D. BOO K, together with current or last known address. Opposite each type number is the page and line number. Turn to pertinent page; the line numbers are listed in sequence. In addition to the electrical data, the drawing referenced at end of the technical data line will be found in your current Transistor D.

Follow through second situation. Turn to corresponding section of your current Transistor D. Survey characteristics of types to determine which type number might fill your need.

To ascertain manufacturer of suitable type, see first situation and follow through in current Transistor D. Follow through 2nd situation. The drawing number will be found in your current Transistor D. BOOK in drawing number order. Turn to type number cross index section.

If type number you seek is not included in either D. BOOK, it is a private number.

This section includes additional switching data. BOOK is designed to provide ” comprehensive, technical reference information on transistors which are no datwsheet being manufactured.

While there are still quite a few discontinued transistor types on which data have not yet been released by the manufacturers, it is hoped you will be able to resolve most of your search or replacement problems with this D.


Scope Discontinued Transistors previously produced by manufacturers throughout the free world are represented in this D. BOOK, and some previously unpublicized types, the data on which manufacturers have recently made available to us. Solving Your Problem With this D. BOOK to locate presently manufactured datasheef having similar characteristics. Or, if you need only information on who manufactured a discontinued type number, the answer is at your fingertips in the Type No.

Cross Index of this D. In type number order, this index indicates the codes of all previous manu- facturers interpreted at end of D.

(PDF) 2SC102 Datasheet download

If the JEDEC number is obsolete, you refer to that number in the index to locate its technical data; b. Where “house” type numbers are shown as having been replaced by JEDEC numbers, it should be borne in mind that the characteristics of the JEDEC type may not exactly match those of the prototype “house” number.

Usually, however, 2sc02 JEDEC type number can be considered a direct replace- ment 2sc012 the “house” type. As outlined in the Table of Contents of this D.

As a practical means of 2sc012 more complete information in the technical sections, symbols and codes are utilized in column headings and in the columns themselves. Explanations of these symbols and codes are given on pages Vi and vii of this D.

Manufacturers and Their Addresses 1. In order of the letter codes, as employed in the Type No.

2SC102 Datasheet

Index, the names and addresses of the discontinued transistor manufacturers are set forth to assist you in any in-depth search you might find necessary. Manufacturer addresses shown are the most recent ones recorded in our files. Some of the manufacturers, however, may be completely out of business; others may be in business but not in transistor production; and others are currently producing transistors.

Such changes are indi- cated, as illustrated by the following example: Continuing effort will also be made to secure additional discontinued transistor types, along with their technical data, which heretofore had not been publicized by the manufacturers.


2SC Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search. Transistor Catalog

All Sections A Indicators of separate manufacturers producing. Cross Index, Technical Datashert Sections, and Manufacturers and Their Types Section to avoid the possibility of confusing the device of ,v ‘ one manufacturer with the devices of the others. Symbols indicate temperature at which derating starts.

Cross Index for alternate line No. Also listed in Section 13, Category Technical data in this D.

A O 1 4Z 1 Til none Repl. D16E9 43 1 Repl. INTG 75 44 nepi. Til TI Til none 2sc10. TI Til tub none T Repl. TI89 1 Til Repl. Til Til 2N Cur. Ou0b 12 12 6. Om0 5OOu0 20 5. Oub 6. Om0 90 45 45 1. Om0 1Om0 50m 4. Om0 1Om0 36 51 75 30u 1. Om0 5Om0 datasheer tA 40 tA 1.

Ou0 15u 15u e! Ou0 16u lOu 5. Ou0 10u 10u 9. Omg 36 51 75 13 30u 1. Om0 1 Om 70 nb 30 2. M MS k 1. Om0 20 A 10O 80u 2. Om0 65 65 85 lOOu 1. OU0 12u lOu 6.

OU0 3 Ou0 lOOu. Om0 1 1 U 75 33 t nb nb 29 29 4. Ou0 3 6u0 1Ou0. Om0 30 tA 30 tA 20 A 4p0 4p0 1. OU0 1 0u0 15u0 1. Om0 20 tA 35 tA 40 tA. Om0 20 tA 15 90 t. Daatasheet t 50 6. Om0 65 65 45 25u 25u 1. 2ec102 90 90 65 36u 36u 3. Ou0 40u 40u 6. OmB 80 nb 25 7. Om0 1 Om0 1. Ou0 5 Ou 50u 6.

Ou0 5 Ou0 3. Om0 1Om0 30 25 40 TA 2. Ou0 6. Om0 1Sm0 10 30 A 3. Om0 90 90 90 t 36u 36u 3. Om0 t 50u 50u 7. Om0 50 Z. M 30M 30M 2. Ou0 12 1. M 30M 30M 1. Om0 30 60 60 1. M 42M 42M dataseet. Ou0 30u 3.