The book A Paixão Segundo G.H. (Passion according to G.H.), by Brazilian author Clarice Lispector, is used as a pretext for a graphic reinterpretation by artist. A paixao segundo G.H: Romance (Portuguese Edition): Clarice Lispector: Books – The Passion According to G.H., Clarice Lispector’s mystical novel of , concerns a well-to-do Rio sculptress, G.H., who enters her mai.

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The Passion According to G.H. – Wikipedia

Having jettisoned that a while ago, I found it to be really well-done, but quite a waste of intellectual energy. I found my eyes would often start to wander across the page without really reading, I reread segndo pages without realizing until the end, yet still not really following.

Like you realize– “Wow, I am alive. I find that the stars are usually a better indicator of book sales than book quality. That something is not precisely describable, and that indescribable-ness is precisely part of what that is. It’s kind of or to some people very disturbing and at times may appear nonsensical.

I did think it was beautiful. A lot of conscious effort has to be expended on my part to make sure the sentences I’m writing does not follow temporally, causally, or logically from the previous one in some conventional or obvious way to me.

But for the way it made me think stars. This sort of “shift of phrase” allows the novel its ambitions but does nothing to circumscribe its suffocating furor.

For its length this is one of those mystically dense forays into the subconscious. It’s quite modernist, specifically in that construction-of-personal-truth kind of way, and although G. Overall, this book has 3 stars not because segunndo liked it”. It makes you think about existence itself. Shortly before her death, Lispector told a reporter that of all her books G.


Kafka a su lado es bastante normal Well, maybe that’s what G. It’s a liquid boiling with religious ecstasy so the “vapor of logic and causality” have gone out of it. segjndo

Are all the strange things she’s describing after “she woke up” to reality true? I recommend it to anyone who is sure that they know who they are and, moreover, consider themselves comfortable with their station in life.

Identity is forbidden, it forbids existence, like life itself. Clarice was a Brazilian writer with a lot of existentialism in her books. I don’t know what to do with the horrifying freedom that can destroy me. Books by Clarice Lispector. I did something I normally try to avoid: You think you’re the one who overthinks?

Imagine taking that first, frightening breath of air in that disturbingly segunfo and yet terrifyingly familiar world. Actually, I find the whole star-rating system on Goodreads to be significantly inaccurate in recommending to me brilliant, truly 5-star worthy whatever that means? It’s a book I find really hard to “rate” for myself subjectively because of this ambivalence.

Imagine how strange, ppaixao, savage and disturbing everything would feel if you were like Neo waking up in real life, outside of the matrix. Only one thing disturbs the room’s perfect order: It’s an extreme and very abstract case of “showing, not telling.

Poesia y Poetica

In which I cannot hide, for there is no “inside,” and my nakedness would absorb my entir “My temptation is toward the irredeemable, for it is through redemption one’s identity is revealed. What does it actually mean if a book was “ok” or that you “liked it” or that “it was amazing”? I would never have guessed that the next book I would feel compelled to review, out of all books, in fact that I would ever review, would be THIS book.


When the book opens, G. In the maid’s room, G. If approached from an existentialist mindset this kind of thing may awaken the passions of the authentic self struggling against substance. I would sacrifice my body to my own muteness, becoming psixao and worse than myself, less and less than being, segundk mother-spirit relieving the immediate, the present, to her children. The room was the opposite of what I had created in my house, the opposite of the soft beauty that came from my talent for arrangement, my talent for living, the opposite of my serene irony, of my sweet and exempt irony: Want to Read saving….

The family Clarice Lispector was a Brazilian writer. Overall, I just find the whole star-rating system too reductive in most cases–read this book to find out what I mean. Ser humano em conflito permanente, Clarice procura selecionar e induzir seu leitor: Also, the author Lispector definitely plays eegundo a lot with words in extremely unconventional ways, but she also paradoxically uses that unconventionality to demonstrate how weak and useless words can be in describing existence itself, as well as some of life’s most fundamental elements, such as love.

Injured in an accident inshe spent the last decade of her life in frequent pain, steadily writing and publishing novels and stories until her premature death in