Aa No Bhadra Sooktam, Dev · Eng · Guj · Kan · Mal · Tam · Tel. Aghamarshana Sooktam, Dev · Eng · Guj · Kan · Mal · Tam · Tel. Agni Sooktam, Dev · Eng · Guj. The sooktham to recite before bath is called aghamarshana sooktam suktham from Internet Archive: Free Download: Aghamarshana suktam. 1 day ago Download Aghamarshana Suktam MP3 Song – Play Latest Bollywood Songs Online, Aghamarshana Suktam MP3 Song, Aghamarshana.

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Then, after the creation of the vast ocean the year was generated.

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In bath durva serves like the brush and the mud, mruttika like the soap and of course water to cleanse both. These deities are requested to cleanse and remove all contaminations visibly and aghamarhana contained in the water kept for use of bath or other purposes of cleansing.

Its upasana is a gain and comfort.

In view of this I can attain liberation having thus my all sins washed off. It is said the mud underneath of the a rivers like Ganges,Yamuna etc.


There are comments and suggestions. In fact we have many mantras where these two are addressed and the aghamarshzna got enumerated in the Yajur veda. The text aghamarshans the paraphrase of the meaning of the tex are included in the paper.


That I thus got cleansed, I would become free from sin and dust fallies and unpopularity. The deities related to these tools for bath are submitted with prayers implying description and abilities.

Aghamarshana Suktam Song

Abstract Yajurveda is practical Manual containing many measures to get rid of sins. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: I am not sure if this is the same as what you need – suktham before bathing. May I after climbing the heights of the heaven, reach the brahmaloka and be a resident there at.

Prayer to the Mother Earth Bhumi prarthana wherein the waters stored and flow: Ohm Namashivaya, Vanakkam, Can some one who know, which sooktam to be read just before bathing, please reply the sooktam name and links for the mp3 and tamil text copy. Select From Existing Playlist. We have noticed that you have an ad blocker enabled on your browser. You are commenting using aghamarshanaa Facebook account.

In you everything is established. Actually kilbisha gahamarshana the Veda commentator Mahidhara says it is a kirtibhedakam papam. Through the power of this mantra.


Edit Email Id Contact Us. Durva is a variety of grass which has the quality to cleanse when rubbed to the body with that. In any Tapas kshetram the priest has to do mantra snanam before doing pooja to the deity.

Anybody who smears the mud and dips in the waters, he would be freed from pains and zghamarshana. Are you sure you want to remove this from your watching list?

Sooktam to read before bathing

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Mrittike hana me paapam yanmaya dushkrutam kritam mrittike brahma dattasi kasyapenabhi mantrita. Durva is a nitya pavitra vastu.

They are divine and possess magical powers too. You can now login with your mobile number too. I am the ground of sins. Filthy tendencies were brushed aside by people. He is the ruler of the universe and the munificent zuktam of gifts to the devotees. I keep you on my head.