Visser One is the highest rank in the Yeerk military hierarchy. The Yeerk holding this position is answerable only to the Council of Thirteen. There have been two. Visser has ratings and 65 reviews. Ben said: These “Chronicles” special volumes are always a delight. Visser is the story of Visser One, aka Edriss. Visser (Animorphs) [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On trial for treason, Edriss explains how she infested a series of.

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Through his mind, she begins to start piecing together what makes up humanity. There was a time when she had a loving husband and a son, Marco.

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Wait, where did it say that Essam and Edriss gave control to their hosts? As anyone vosser knows humans could have told you. Each tended toward specialization, but not a hard, fast split. When the Andalites arrive, the Animorphs are able to force a stand-down, resulting in the now-promoted Visser One retreating from Alloran.

Esplin is a war hero to his people in a similar way Elfangor is to his, and the two share a bitter hatred towards each other almost from the moment they meet. Then I almost laughed. Visser Three on the front cover.

Allison loves her children too – and it’s that vksser leads to murder, how wholly is it biological and genuine and part of Allison’s plans? I was alone on Earth. The mesh worn by Councilmembers with Hork-Bajir hosts might be like chainmail.

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Anonymous June 9, at 4: This is something that visder current host, Marco’s mother Eva, never knew. That makes no sense. Yeah, I always figured that the main mental strength of yeerks was the ability to take in and understand lots of foreign information, rather than innovation.


Animoorphs paralysis of internal disagreement. And Marco is her present host body’s only son. The novel takes place over Visser One’s trial, taking the form of numerous flashbacks over her time on Earth and showing how she committed a number of Yeerk crimes and became “addicted” to humanity during her early experiences on the planet.

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Eva is so badass, I wish she had more screen time after she was liberated. And, too, if she DID have another host, Marco would have quit anomorphs Animorphs after book 5, and they’d be rid of the guy who endangers the secret of their humanity the most often, because he is so desperate to boost his ego that he can never resist making human-reference wisecracks to random Yeerks.

After the birth of the twins, the situation becomes more dire for Edriss and Essam as they realize that their portable Kandrona is running low and will soon expire.

It touches on events from animophs Andalite Chronicles as Chapman’s actions in that book are what directly led to the Yeerk invasion and they rehash events from that book, both vissers circling each other and trying to outmaneuver each other and result in the others’ execution — all, in the end, leading to Edriss having to call in the Animorphs as unexpected allies.

Anonymous June 6, at 4: I would be a paranoid human. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.


This book was definitely one of the better-written books of the series, in my opinion. And she would love me, as a daughter loves a mother.

Yeerks, of course, hoped to find a Class Five species. And your right eating people is an Andalite trait Visser Three must have gotten it from someonebut Cannoli strikes me as a Taxxon, so he is an Andalite that has been turned Taxxon. Visser One’s experience in the early days with her first human hosts is just awesomely written in that style Applegate has of reminding the reader how ridiculous but surprisingly amazing humans are.

Visser Three in Andalite form in Animorphs: They very nearly kill themselves! What was revealed in the memory dump was more than enough to convict her, but Eva realizes what is going on: The Sharing’s money was mentioned about the fancy community center in 33 The Illusion. Listen to the way she talks about Allison—all this respect for what Allison’s trying to do. Not because of Marco’s feelings.

Everything old is new again.

He witnesses the announcement that Edriss and Essam are expecting twins and finally concludes that Edriss, too, had become an addict, but to humanity itself. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?