Abstract. Billy Biswas, the protagonist of Arun Joshi’s second novel, The Strange Case of Billy Biswas faces the problem of the barren, modern. literary milieu of the period to which Joshi belongs. Arun Joshi’s The Strange Case of Billy Biswas shows the process of alienation and rehabilitation via a 3- tier. The Strange Case of Billy Biswas (), which is chronologically the second novel of Arun Joshi (), shows his study of three different levels of life in .

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A Survey of Indian English Novel.

Arun Joshi – Wikipedia

The district officials were ordered to search out Billy and to take him back before the Biswases. I am writing this review in a hurry.

Though Billy was born into an aristocratic family, he dislikes organized life of civilized society. For Billy the modern civilization is degenerate, shallow and self-centered: He has left his study of Engineering for Anthropology and is already half-way through his doctoral project in that discipline.

God exists and does not mind graft! He has picturesquely described the impact of the strong passion on human mind through the example of Billy.

In this sense, the novel is a record of a romantic nostalgia for the simple mode of life — the kind Rousseau, Thoreau, Gandhi and Wordsworth talked about. He feels he is missing something very important. Dec 03, Prabhat rated it really liked it.


Aug 29, Dipu Darko rated it really liked it. During their talk Billy does not reveal any repentance over his running away from Delhi. Romi comes back to India after the death of his father. While he is in America, his father is a judge in the Supreme Court. To view it, click here. When I return from an expedition, it is days before I can shake off the sounds and smell of the forest.

He remained there till his death inand his books have stayed there ever since. Oct 17, Jerrymel George rated it really liked it.

The strange case of Arun Joshi

He traces out that the Delhian society embraces the modern values while the primitive world focuses on the traditional values. Billy is thinner than before and having great vitality.

If your expecting a casual Indian story then its one of them. He begins to love this primitive world for its geography, the people, straneg origin, their livelihood and their customs. It has a good gilly into the passionate human mind. His task is revolutionary as D. But his life in Delhi is not easy. It reeks of hypocrisy and pandering; of wanting to be exotic.

Moreover, his great choice of leaving the flossy society for the primitive world in quest for meaning of life is also the outcome of his strangeness.

Why do you want to go back? Findings from survey as critical report may be submitted words.


Desani, Arun Joshi is another of my discovery of writers little known but who were actually great and had the power to positively change the world. The rebels, the dreamers and the visionaries who are the main motive force of history are 24 Vol.

Really moved by it a lot. Intellectually, they could no better than mechanically mouth ideas that the West abandoned a generation ago He searches for meaning and purpose in life and while doing so he improves his relationships with Self, God, Nature and others. Its an unusual story. In order to escape from the agonies of life, he takes to anthropological expeditions to the various parts of India with his students.

Can be enjoyed both for the story and for bisaas larger questions it choses to pose but does answer definitely – which is the best part!

He was fully into anthropology and got carried away. Levels of life, slum life, advanced life, simple life, mystical urge, strange case, traditional values and modern values.

Book Review of Panorama: The novel is rich in imparting a feeling of adventure, suspense and curiosity.