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Aassa blog exists to be a resource for anyone who wants to Start a Temple. Tuesday, February 9, Ptahhotep’s 37 Maxims. In the early ‘s, on the west bank of the Nile river, in a tomb located at the Valley of Kings, a papyrus was found.

Most of that section has been lost, or destroyed, the other section contained the complete works of Ptahhotep 14 pages. We are not certain that this is him, but it has been suggested that both Ptahhoteps asxa the same tomb and writer. He was Assa’s grand uncle, and tutor.

Ptahhotep was also said to be the eldest legitimate son asaa an unnamed Pharaoh, and claimed to be years old at the time his book was written. The strange thing about Heiroglyphics is that there is no developmental period. They simply asda, fully developed around the Nile, which suggests aswa it existed elsewhere previously. The writings we have from Ptahhotep were not the actual copy written by him, it is a copy from the Middle Kingdom, but there is ample evidence pointing to the asda of the exact person that exists in the writing.

Here are his writings remember, he did this in Hieroglyphics: God upon two Crocodiles, My God, the process of aging brings senility. My mind decays and forgetfulness of the things of yesterday has already begun. Feebleness has come, and weakness grows. Child like, one sleeps all day, the eyes are dim and the ears are becoming deaf. The strength is being sapped. The mouth has grown silent, and does not speak.

The bones ache through and through. Good things now seem evil.

The taste has gone. What old age does to people in evil is everything.

ASSA Minikatalog 2015

The nose is clogged and does not breathe. It is painful even to stand or sit. May your servant be authorized to use the status that old age affords, to teach the hearers, so as to tell them the word of those who have listened to the ways of our ancestors, and those who have listened to the gods.

May I do this for you, so that strife may be banned from among our people, and so that two shores may serve you? Do not be proud and arrogant with your knowledge. Consult and converse with the ignorant and the wise, for the limits are not reached. No artist ever possesses that perfection to which he should aspire.


Good speech is more hidden than Emeralds, yet it may be found among the maids at the grindstones. If you meet a disputant in the heat of action, one who is more powerful than you, simply fold your arms and bend your back bow? To confront him will not make him agree with you. Pay no attention to his evil speech. If sasa do not confront him while he is raging, people will call him ignorant. Your self control will be the match for his evil utterances.

If you meet a disputant in the heat of action, assz who is your equal, one who is on your level, you will overcome 2369 by being silent when he is speaking evilly. There will be much talk among those who hear and your name will be held assz high regard among the great. If you meet a disputant in the heat of action who is a poor man, and who is not your equal, do not attack him because he is weak.

Leave him alone, he will confound himself. Do not answer him just so that you can relieve your own heart. Do not vent yourself against your opponent.

Wretched is he who injures a poor man. If you are a man who leads, a man who controls the affairs of many, then seek the most perfect axsa of preforming responsibilities, so that no blame falls on you. Ma’at has been unchanged since the time of Assar. To create obstacles to the following of Ma’at, is to open a way to a condition of violence. Baseness may obtain riches, yet crime never lands its wares on the shore.

In 3296 end, only Wssa lasts. Do not scheme against people. People’s schemes do not prevail. Ma’at is what prevails. Therefor, live in the midst of peace. What god gives comes by itself. If you are one among guests at the table of a person who is more powerful than you, take what that person gives, just as it is set before you. Look at what is set before you. Don’t stare at your host.

Don’t speak to him until he asks. One does not know what may displease him. Speak when he has spoken to you. Then adsa words will please the heart. The man who has plenty of the means of existence acts as his Ka commands. He will give food to those who he favors.

It is the Ka that makes his hand stretch out. The great man gives to the chosen man, thus eating is under the direction of Ma’at. It is a fool who complains about it. If you are a person of assw, sent from one great person to another great person, be careful to stick to the essence of the message that you were asked to transmit.

Give the message exactly as he gave it to you. Guard against provocative speech which makes one great person angry with another. Just keep to the truth. Do not exceed it. However, even though there may have been an out-burst in the message, you should not repeat it. Do not malign anyone, big or small, the Ka abhors it. If you plow and if there is growth in your field and Ma’at lets it prosper in your hands, don’t boast to your neighbor. One has great respect for the silent person.


A person of character is a person of wealth. If that person robs, he or she is like a crocodile in the middle of the waters. If Ma’at gives you children, do not impose on one who has no children.

Neither should you brag or decry about having your own children, for there is many a father who has grief awsa a mother with children that is less content than another. It is the lonely who Ma’at nurtures, while the family man prays for a follower. If azsa are poor, then serve a person of worth so that your conduct will be in line with Ma’at. Do assa bring up the fact that he once was poor. Do not be arrogant towards him just because you know about his former state.

Respect him now for his position of authority. As for fortune, it obeys sasa own law and that is her will. 2369

Pair of handles

It sasa Ma’at that makes him worthy, and keeps him safe while he sleeps, or who can turn away from him. Follow your heart Ma’at as long as you live. Do no more than is required of you. Do not shorten the time of ‘follow the heart’ for that offends the Ka. Don’t waste time on daily cares over and beyond providing for your household. When wealth finally comes, then follow your heart. Wealth does no good if you are glum. If you are a wise man, train up a son that will follow the Adsa.

If he is good and takes up after you, take good care of him.

Semi-automic, short bolt – KA-AA – Price € net – LOCKS – Sklep Sparta

Do everything that is good for him. But an offspring can make trouble. If your son strays and neglects good council, and disobeys all that is said, with his mouth or spouting evil speech, then punish him. Assz you are a guard in the store house, stand or sit rather than leave your post and trespass into someone else’s place. Follow this rule from the start.

Never leave your post, even when tired.

Only Ma’at can penetrate the secure storehouse where the rules are followed, even by those of privilege. If you are among the people, then gain your supporters by building trust.