Low forward voltage drop. □ Surface mount device. Description. Diodes in the BAT46 series are high voltage, small signal Schottky diodes suited for protection. BAT Document Number Rev. , Mar Vishay Semiconductors 1. 94 Schottky Diodes. Features. • For general purpose. BATTR Vishay Semiconductors Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Volt mA mA IFSM datasheet, inventory, & pricing.

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I wanted to archive this for later reference. I included them for sound comparisons, and because they are diodes many people here will be familiar with.

Due to extremely limited stock on some of these, I may not be able to honor all requests for trios. I am working on getting more of some of the great sounding ones.

Please check the data sheets for Fv characteristics. Fv does not, however, tell the whole story, and several diodes in the same clipping range sound similar. Much better in symmetric than double black bands. Fairly classic sound, but a little louder. Asymmestric is the best sound for these. Tayda 1N34A Datasehet had a heck of a time with these.

And those happened datashedt be the first few I grabbed out of the bag. So my early results suggested that they were actually a silicon work-alike. However, further testing showed that they did pass the heat test, and other forum members did not have any problems. I would use them happily for Germanium soft clipping. Very compressed sound for a single diode.

Probably the darkest diode there is. More of the same — still dark, very compressed. Really friendly to in-between positions on a strat.

Sold out for the nonce. I do have a couple in the private stash if you ask really, really nicely. Sounds a lot like most 1N34As — dark with some highs attenuation, but less bassy.

Vishay – Diodes and Rectifiers – BAT46 – Small Signal Schottky Diode

These compress a lot more, too. Similar to the individual ones but with a more balanced EQ. I might put more up I got 25 from Effects Connection if people really want them as clipping diodes, but you can order them from Effects Connection if you hat46 more than one or two. I figure most people are likely to want one for a Cupcake, so 10 should do for now.


Very bright for a Ge single. Clips hard but stays bright. Best as a single.

Even brighter, less distortion, very bassy and full. Like the black band but more touch sensitive. One of my favorites. Get from Smallbear … None available from me. Sorry, I like them too much and only have a few. The clipping threshold is fairly high for this diode closer to.

Now I just have to remember where I datashest them up!

BAT46 Datasheet(PDF) – STMicroelectronics

Compressed but natural sounding. Some more mids-focused breakup. This is a great sounding diode. Get from Smallbear … I do have a couple maybe 4 if you really never order from Smallbear and just want to hear them. Still bassy, but brighter than the singles. Can get buzzy in some circumstances. Sold out for the moment. Less warmth than the colorful 1ns.

A little scooped, but less so than the colorful ones. Fuzzy with good character. If I find a good deal on a lot on Ebay, I might be able to offer some for sale. OA These are something special. Just a hint of distortion. Breaks into really dark fuzz, but keeps chords clear.

Top end is smooth. Very natural and tube-like. Simply put, one of the best clipping diodes I tested, second only to the OA, which simply suited my personal tastes better. I recently put them in a Harmonic Percollator and they were pretty much godly in there — aggressive, punchy, no fizz at all, and yet still full of warm germanium flavor. These also have an extremely unusual character for a Germanium diode — the clipping threshold is above. I tested them in a Sunking and they were also fantastic.

BAT46 – Small Signal Schottky Diode – Vishay Diodes

Very balanced sound, no big bassiness. Controlled; highs are a little attenuated. Breaks up quite a bit in the mids. Reacts well to dynamics. More high-end softening, with a tight bass. If possible, even better. bat6

Maybe I should try them doubled … Not much to say — these were my absolute favorites. Dark, smooth, distorts easily. More of the same, but raunchy. The distortion can be a bit harsh on these, but the decay is very natural. They are not dattasheet sounding at all. Many of these have very similar characteristics but ddatasheet do not all sound alike. These are outstanding diodes.


Not super bassy like many Ge diodes in single configurations. One of the best asymmetric sets. I most likely will not get more right away since I have several more Russian types on the way.

Bzt46 for the inconvenience. Early buyers all wanted them! There is a Ukrainian package that looks slightly different.

It sounds pretty much identical but I liked the symmetric a little more. Very raunchy in pairs. Use when you want a really dirt sound. These are very sweet sounding eq wise.

They really shine in pairs — they get this interesting vocal quality and the distortion is very smooth. Very balanced sounding for a Ge, not a ton of bassiness. They break up pretty evenly across the neck. The Fv is above. They also have some of the vocal quality of the D9J.

These are nice, I like them quite a bit and bt46 used them in multiple builds. Very similar to the D9E tonally, but datasueet breakup happens a lot sooner. Unlike the D9E, these will break up when you play hard, and they are much edgier. These have extremely good treble response. These maintain the excellent treble response. Breakup is very amp-like even in symmetrical settings.

In milder clipping situations, they actually remind me a lot of helotron pickups run into a blackface — where you get this trebly crunch. Lots of bta46 in all settings, but I really liked these in an asymmetric arrangement. Datazheet think it takes maximum advantage of their tonal response. D2i Russian s diodes. The resulting sound is dark, but also quite rich. These incidentally sound quite different datashete BAT41s which can also be found in the.

I preferred the bass response tighter in BAT41s but thought these have a richer midrange. The actual sound of them is pretty close to a 1N34A, but sometimes mojo trumps function.

Crunchy, clear, not too bassy. Smoother, milder, excellent, tight sound for rhythm.