Raul Garza Garza of Hospital Christus Muguerza Saltillo, Saltillo. Read 3 Bioética: la toma de decisiones en situaciones difíciles / Raúl Garza Garza · Article. Bioética: reto de la postmodernidad / Ricardo Rafael Contreras . Bioética: la toma de decisiones en situaciones difíciles / Raúl Garza Garza. A bioética e a revisão dos códigos de conduta moral dos médicos no Brasil Bioética: la toma de decisiones en situaciones difíciles / Raúl Garza Garza.

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Outbreak of Tagosodes orizicolus Muir in Texas rice. The rice planthopper, Tagosodes orizicolusis reported for the first time in Texas, where it is superabundant in rice fields in four counties Brazoria, Colorado, Harris, and Wharton.

Rice hoja blanca white leaf disease can cause severe yield losses in rice in the Bioehica.

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The disease is caused by the rice hoja blanca virus RHBVwhich is transmitted by the planthopper vector Tagosodes orizicolus. Because classical breeding schemes for this disease rely on expensive, time-consuming screenings, there is a need for alternatives such as marker-aided selection. Two major QTL on chromosomes 5 and 7 were identified for resistance to T.

This comparative study bioeitca two distinct rice populations allowed for a better understanding of how the resistance to RHBV and its vector are controlled genetically. Simple marker-aided breeding schemes based on QTL information can be designed to improve rice germplasm to reduce losses caused by this important disease.

Mechanisms of Oryza sativa Poaceae resistance to Tagosodes orizicolus Homoptera: Delphacidae under greenhouse condition in Venezuela. Tagosodes orizicolus is one of the main plagues of rice in tropical America causing two types of damages, the direct one, feeding and oviposition effect, and an indirect one, by the transmission of the “Rice hoja blanca virus”. During we carried out research under greenhouse conditions at Fundaci6n Danac, Venezuela, in order to determine the mechanisms of antixenosis, antibiosis and tolerance to T.

The method of free feeding was used for the antixenosis evaluation, whereas the method of forced feeding was used for antibiosis evaluation effect on survival and oviposition. Additionally, we used the indirect method based on biomass depression to estimate the bioettica.

Some of the evaluated traits included: The results showed that rice genotypes possess different combinations of resistance mechanisms, as well as different grades of reactions. The susceptible control biioetica 50′ was consistently susceptible across experiments and the resistant control ‘Makalioka’ had high antixenosis and high antibiosis based on survival and oviposition.

The rest gxrza the genotypes presented lower or higher degrees of antixenosis and antibiosis for survival and oviposition. The genotype ‘FDM’ was identified with possible tolerance to the direct damage of sogata.

Explorando nuevos horizontes en NASA. The purpose was to guide nursing practice, incorporate the findings into the body of nursing knowledge, and identify future research needs. Starting inthree faculty members reviewed 29 theses written by community nursing majors from to to meet the requirements for the master’s degree in nursing.

They classified the studies according to their principal focus and synthesized the findings to derive common phenomena and themes. The endeavor resulted in a page document and a proposed model in the form of an unpublished monograph.

The frequency of infection caused by the recently described pathogen Mycobacterium lepromatosis is unknown. Here, we describe the demographics, clinical gara, and therapeutic outcomes of five lepromatous leprosy patients suffering from M.

MOL2NET 2018, International Conference on Multidisciplinary Sciences, 4th edition

Diagnosis was facilitated by a new highly specific PCR procedure. Nucleotide sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of the premembrane and envelope genes showed garzx the virus was most closely related to West Nile virus isolates collected in Texas in Taken with a J. Project Nuevos Horizontes, In its fourth year, Project Nuevos Horizontes served limited-English-speaking, native Spanish-speaking students in fall and in spring The majority of participants came from the Dominican Republic and Garaz Rico.


The program’s goal was to provide students with the academic and support services needed to ensure completion of…. Nuevos sistemas de frecuencia intermedia para el IAR. They were analyzed using optical microscopy OM and a polymerase chain reaction PCRas standards of reference, to develop a technique for detecting the parasite using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ELISA.

The prevalence of taul triatomines was Since it was possible to simultaneously analyze a large number of samples with high sensibility and specificity values, the ELISA daul proves to be useful for new epidemiologic studies having a high number of vectors. It is also less expensive than PCR.

It is therefore recommended for epidemiological and preventive surveillance programs as a first screening test before conducting a confirmatory test using PCR. Crossing Borders and Building Bridges: The town is located on the United States-Mexico border. The Progreso- Nuevo Progreso International….

Heart failure constantly increases its incidence and prevalence in our society, it was imperative to start a heart transplant program to improve the survival rates of patients with end stages of the disease. Legal issues made impossible to transplant patients out of Mexico City until recent years.

Even with an acute hemodynamic and clinic improvement after the transplant, these patients frequently develop complications such as graft rejection or opportunistic infections due to the immunosuppressive schemes increasing the morbidity and mortality of the procedure.

In the present article we report the experience acquired with 65 heart transplant patients from 4 transplant programs in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, one of them from the socialized system and the other three from private hospitals. Our program not only has successfully transplanted patients with advanced age but, for the first time in Latin America we have transplanted patients assisted with the ambulatory Thoratec TLC II system.

Even that we have faced obstacles like a newly started donation culture in our population and limited resources, our patient’s survival rate push us to continue working with these very ill population.

A transversal research involving teenage students from 10 to 19 years old. To research investigated their personal characteristics, anthropometrics measures, glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol HDL. The SM prevalence was 9. The prevalence among each SM component was: It was observed that those with a family history of diabetes type 2 only experienced a marginal effect.

The SM prevalence in teenagers from AMM is high it was an alarming situation if it continues into adulthood.

The existence of obesity in relatives of the first and second grade, altogether with teenager IMC are important prediction factors of SM. We documented species 23 amphibians, reptilesrepresenting 30 families 11 amphibians, 19 reptiles and 73 genera 17 amphibians, 56 reptiles.

Of native species, are considered species of Least Concern in the IUCN red list, four are listed as Vulnerable, five are listed as Near Threatened, and four are listed as Endangered.

The project’s purpose was to build on the strengths of the school’s extensive computer-assisted instructional program in order to…. The program has built on the strengths of the high school’s extensive computer-assisted instruction CAI program,…. This report evaluates the project’s first year of operation, The report contains an introduction describing the school and project goals; information on student….

The report describes the rationale for and history of an exchange program for Nuevo Leon Mexico and New Mexico bilingual education teachers. The program evolved from the need to help Spanish-speaking students maintain their own language and culture while in the United States.

New Mexico’s state policy concerning language-minority children and…. He begins by recounting some fieldwork done at the school on his behalf by Edward Ellis in He goes on to discuss a video made at…. Sin embargo existen algunos objetos cuyo seguimiento debe continuar ya que no nos es posible efectuar conclusiones definitivas con el presente material.


Allergic reactions to insect bites are a global problem, the true incidence and prevalence of morbidity from adverse reactions to mosquito bites are unknown.

To describe the adverse reactions to mosquito bites in school-age children of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. A cross-sectional descriptive study was made via a randomized application of questionnaires to children from public elementary schools in the metropolitan area of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. A total of 11 public schools randomly selected were included in the study. Adverse reactions to mosquito bites occur frequently. Early detection is important to establish a prompt treatment. The coccidioidomycosis is an endemic illness in the southern United States and the Northern of Mexico, the state of Texas and Nuevo Leon are included in this area.

In the city of Monterrey from to the hospitals have reported one hundred and fifty cases. One hundred eleven of them from the state of Nuevo Leon and the remaining from the neighboring states. The main clinical presentation was in the pulmonary form with one hundred and twelve cases, followed by the cutaneous with thirty-three in the later the most common presentation was the ulcerated form.

Therapeutically two new medication have been tried a with encouraging results, the itraconazole and the fluconazole the differential diagnosis is made mainly with tuberculosis and deep mycosis. Ano Nuevo to Santa Cruz, California: The introductory home page starts a series of links to a regional map, more detailed area maps, and finally the individual photographic images.

Results from the organ and tissue transplant program in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, to The need for more transplants led the state to undergo several legislative, societal, organizational, and infrastructure changes.

All reports were concentrated and a descriptive analysis is presented herein. From untila total of organ and tissue OT transplants have been performed. The percent of organs transplanted from cadaveric donors is one of the highest in Mexico. There is still much work to be done at the state and national levels; better epidemiological studies and dialysis registries are needed as well as investment in transplant research.

Characterization of the dengue outbreak in Nuevo Leon state, Mexico, We studied serotypes circulating dengue virus DENV cases, entomological Breteau index, rain-fall index and epidemiology of groups affected during the outbreak in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico has had outbreaks of typhus group rickettsiosis, most recently recognized in Evaluation of the sera of patients with a dengue-like illness revealed that Rickettsiae were detected by PCR and shell-vial isolations in the field-collected Amblyomma ticks.

Analysis of the interaction of deuterium plasmas with tungsten in the Fuego- Nuevo II device. Tungsten is one of the main candidate materials for plasma-facing components in future fusion power plants. The Fuego- Nuevo II, a plasma focus device, which can produce dense magnetized helium and deuterium plasmas, has been adapted to address plasma-facing materials questions.

In this paper we present results of tungsten targets exposed to deuterium plasmas in the Fuego Nuevo II device, using different experimental conditions.

The plasma generated and accelerated in the coaxial gun is expected to have, before the pinch, energies of the order of hundreds eV and velocities of the order of 40, m s At the pinch, the ions are reported to have energies of the order of 1. The samples, analysed with a scanning electron microscope SEM in cross section show a damage profile to depths of the order of nm, which are larger than those expected for ions with 1.

Assessing biodiversity in Nuevo Leon, Mexico: