Is the calculus book by I.A. Maron really effective for the IIT-JEE preparations? . I would recommend you Problems of calculus in one variable by IA MARON. Download PROBLEMS IN CALCULUS OF ONE VARIABLE BY Documents Similar To PROBLEMS IN CALCULUS OF ONE VARIABLE BY I.A. MARON. iit maths. Uploaded by. Vardaan Popli.

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Prove that if the periods of these functions are commensurate, then their sum and product are also periodic functions.

Problems in Calculus of One Variable

And if a sequence is unbounded, does it mean that it has an infinite limit? Cal- culate this root approximately to within two decimal places. In this formula the constant part of the expenses a refers to depreciation and crew’s upkeep, and the second term bv’ s to the fuel cost.

The values y 0 and y’ 0 are found immediately: If m and n are even non-negative numbers, use the formulas. If m and n are even non-negative numbers, use the formulas. Hence, there are no solutions.

Check whether the Lagrange. If the function changed its sign on a certain interval, then we could find one more b of the function, which contradicts the condition. Note that the function under consideration can be expressed through the Dirichlet function see Problem 1. Basic Theorems on Different bh Functions Solution. Since all roots of the denominator are real and simple, the integral will appear in the form of the sum of b simple fractions of the form 15a: Domain of Definition 15 following way: Prove that one of the antiderivatives of an even function is an odd function, and any antiderivative of an odd function is an even function.


Finally, problems with- out solution are given, which are similar to those solved but contain certain peculiarities. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Full text of “Problems In Calculus Of One Variable by I. A. Maron”

In dividing the closed interval [0, 1] into a fixed num- ber of parts we must take into consideration, in particular, two possible cases: Computing Areas in Rectangular Coordinates Solution.

It is convenient to investigate a function and construct its graph according to the following plan: Investigate the following variabel for extrema: On equivalence of what infinitesimals is it based?

Using the Leibniz formula give the derivatives of the in- dicated orders for the following functions: Let a be an arbitrary real number. Expand the fraction into partial fractions: On the interval [0.

Some indirect methods of estimation enable us to indicate approximately the order of the error. If we calculate y t within five decimal places, i. The derivative of the indicated function inside this interval equals zero: For the integral JX J sin xdx find the upper and lower integral sums corresponding to the division of the closed interval [0, n] into 3 and 6 equal subintervals. Thus, the sum of the squares of deviations of the value of x from n given numbers attains the minimum value when x is the mean arithmetic value for these onf.


Prove that the number 0. Graph the function using the results of oa investigation. To find the extreme values of the function it is necessary to compute its values at the points a-j and x 2and also at the end-points of the segment: Prove that the number e is vvariable irrational number. On substituting we have: A rectangle with altitude x is inscribed in a triangle ABC with the base b and altitude h.

At what speed will the ship cover any required distance at the lowest cost?