Rudolf Carnap – – Philosophy of Science 4 (4) Testability and Carnap – – Philosophy of Science 4 (1) Testability and Meaning: Rudolf Carnap: Career in Vienna and Prague: in full detail in his essay “Testability and Meaning” (–37). Carnap argued that the. Testability and meaning. Citation. Carnap, R. (). Testability and meaning. Philosophy of Science, 3,

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Rudolf Carnap May 18, — September 14, was a key figure of the Vienna Circle and the most important of the logical empiricists.

His key conviction, maintained throughout his life, was that metaphysical disputes were without cognitive content. Philosophy was to contribute to the sciences. Progress was to be achieved through the use of formal logical method. Its virtue, according to Carnap, was not only that thereby metaphysical statements could be recognized as meaningless, but that other, distinctively philosophical confusions could be solved or avoided by distinguishing those statements whose truth followed from the linguistic framework in which they were embedded — analytic truths —from those stating matters of fact — synthetic truths.


Testability and Meaning | essay by Carnap |

Russell was also a key inspiration. Having spent the year studying physics at the University of Berlin, in the year Einstein was appointed, he returned to Jena to write a doctoral thesis presenting an axiomatic system of space and time.

Carnap set out, ajd The Logical Construction of the Worldto provide just such an axiomatisation, not of a physical theory, but of the structure of subjective perception, so as to derive by logical consequence a system of sentences formally equivalent to sentences about physical objects in space and time.

His aim was to demonstrate that realists and idealists do not differ on any matter of fact, but only on the form of language they employ. With this, in the analysis, for example, of dispositional terms, anr goal of explicit definition was abandoned. Carnap was born in Wuppertal, Germany, and went to school at the Gymnasium in Barmen.

Testability and Meaning

He attended university at Jena and Berlin. Moritz Schlick offered him a position at the University of Vienna inwhere a group of philosophers, scientists and economists came together on a weekly basis.


There were also frequent visitors: Hans Reichenbach and Kurt Grelling among them. Carl Hempel from Berlin, Cwrnap.

Quine from the U. Karl Popper and Ludwig Wittgenstein met with Schlick and other members of the Vienna Circle, but never considered themselves allied to it.

Leonard : Review: Rudolf Carnap, Testability and Meaning

The Vienna Circle was effectively dissolved with the Anschluss in and the murder testabilitg Schlick by a disaffected student that same year. Carnap left Vienna for a position at the University of Prague in and, following the rise to power of Nazism, at the University of Chicago in He became a naturalised U.

Stanford Encylopaedia of Philosophy: Carnap Rudolf Carnap Mexning 18, — September 14, was a key figure of the Vienna Circle and the most important of the logical empiricists.