Circular Susep nº , del 30 de julio de The Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP) is an autarchy created by the Decree-law #73/66 directly. The Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP) – the body responsible . are based on internal controls set out in SUSEP Circular / by the Insurance SUSEP Circular / and Capitalization Companies, implementation of internal controls SUSEP Circular / systems within the .

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Even when several law firms write on the same topic, I can often glean new viewpoints and perspectives cjrcular the different firms.

Arbitration What regime governs the arbitrability of insurance disputes? Insurance operations have firm rules based on traditional hiring models.

In terms of investments, insurers and reinsurers must comply with strict rules set down by the National Monetary Council and the National Private Insurance System, in particular relating to limits on the application of technical reserves and provisions. Reporting and disclosure What ongoing regulatory reporting and disclosure requirements apply to re insurers?

In reinsurance relationships, coverage is essentially denied in case of: Contracts General What general rules, requirements and procedures govern the conclusion of cidcular insurance contracts in your jurisdiction?

Implied terms Can any terms by implied into re insurance contracts eg, a duty of good faith? Must re insurers adopt a certain legal structure in order to operate? There are no other applicable operating requirements specifically relating to reporting and disclosure. Rules the Reinsurance, retrocession and its intermediation policies, the coinsurance operations, the consumption of insurance abroad and the transactions in foreign currency. Which government bodies regulate the re insurance industry in your jurisdiction and what is the extent of their powers?

In most insurance contracts, the domicile area of the insured is privileged, so that is where legal actions take place.

Login Register Follow on Twitter Search. Accounting rules for insurers, capitalization companies and open private pension entities.


Regulators Which government bodies regulate the re insurance industry in your jurisdiction and what is the extent of their powers? The conclusion of ciruclar and reinsurance contracts in Brazil is governed by: What are the current trends in and future prospects for the insurance and reinsurance markets in your jurisdiction?


In reinsurance relationships, direct action by a third party is not allowed as no contractual or legal relationship exists between the parties. What issues are commonly the subject of insurance litigation? Which re insurers must obtain authorisation from the regulator before operating on the market and what is the procedure for doing so?

(Only Portuguese versions)

The right to sue is guaranteed to the insured by Article 5 XXXV of the Federal Constitution, which provides that any threats or damages to rights will be considered by the judiciary.

For insurers and local reinsurers, the minimum required capital is set by CNSP Resolutions, and comprises: Rules the additional capital based on the underwriting risks of the insurance societies and other provisions. Business plan What rules and requirements govern the business plans of zusep insurers? Notice of a claim is usually given by means of a formal communication sent by the insured, who will provide icrcular insurer with documents proving the claim, its consequences and damages in order to allow the loss adjustment to take place.

The most common issues dealt with by the judiciary are those arising from the denial of compensation, disallowance or reimbursement.

In more robust growth is expected as low inflation and suxep interest rates are predicted, which increase credit and suggest a favourable outlook for the insurance market. Risk management What risk management systems and procedures susfp re insurers adopt? What are the consequences of non-compliance with the operating requirements applicable to re insurers?

How are the 29 of insurance intermediaries regulated in your jurisdiction? Non-compliance with operational requirements may circullar re insurers to administrative penalties applied by the regulatory authority. Organisational requirements Must re insurers adopt a certain legal structure in order to operate? In the insurance and reinsurance market, the existing trends show moderate and continuous growth. Are there any compulsory or preferred venues for insurance litigation in your jurisdiction?

The headings are also helpful because they briefly and accurately describe the topic and enable me to quickly and efficiently decide what I may or may not want to read in more detail.


Breach What rules and procedures govern breach of contract for both re insurer and insured? Provides about minimum capital requirements for circukar and operation of local reinsurance companies and other subjects. In some cases, insurance disputes with a cross-border element are also dealt with by the arbitration courts, in addition to the common civil courts.

Rules the requirement and the authorization by the supervised market to SUSEP for the access to information of direct investments or of investments in the portfolio of special sksep investment funds in the assets register and assets financial liquidation systems authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil or in Institutions authorized by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil to provide custody services.

Publicações Técnicas\Microinsurance in Brazil Research Series – Volume 1 – Pag: 96

A regulatory glossary with definitions and terms usually used in the insurance and reinsurance market is available on the website of the SUSEP in both Portuguese and English. Establishes rules for the remittance of the technical note of the insurance plans portfolio.

Both bodies report to the Ministry of Finance. Due to the various courts spread across brazil, with each governed by a specific administration and with its own volume of work, estimating the duration of an insurance litigation is hard.

No specific rules and requirements apply to the business of re insurers. Establishes the minimum requirements and procedures for the constitution, authorization to operate, transfer of control, societary reorganization and cancellation of the authorization to operate of the companies specified in the resolution.

Follow Please login to follow content. Other fiscal responsibilities apply at the state and municipal levels. Rules the acquisition of insurance in foreign currency and the cross-border acquisition of insurance.