Download Latest Version clonezilla-livewily-amdiso ( MB) Get is a reference document that shows the basic uses of Clonezilla Live. Its name is following the pattern. H French, select pc/azerty/French/Same as X11 (latin 9)/Standard). 4. Learn how to use the open source Clonezilla Live cloning software to Several methods, manual and automatic, are generally available to.

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This option replaces the option noxdetect that was useful in previous versions. In Clonezilla live a patched live-initramfs is used, which is different from the original live-initramfs so that you can assign DNS server, too. Boot parameters from live-initramfs. The contents of prep-lsi. This parameter disables the automatic configuration of sudo.

We can accept the default values in Listing 3. A backing-store is not mandatory and it the scan fails it will store the files which change in memory. Boot parameters specially for Clonezilla. As a full virtualization solution, the virtual machine monitors VMMs running on the hypervisor provide the virtual machines with all the available types of hardware resources, including the virtual BIOS, virtual memory, virtual SCSI controller, virtual network card, etc.

Virtualization solutions can have several benefits: This parameter disables the creation of the default user completely. Clonezilla SE is best suited for backup and restoring multiple servers simultaneously across the network.

Clonezilla-SysRescCD – Documentation: Boot parameters

For example, you can dovumentation move a bit system image to a bit platform. Instead of using the default optional file “filesystem. This option is only supported in SystemRescueCd This may be required if the default hostname cannot be used with your DHCP configuration. Org itself, mkxf86config is disabled by default.

The third stage of the PXE boot process acquires the root files system. Network configuration and remote access nonm: The startx command will load the Xvesa server instead of Xorgand use the screen resolution given as parameter eg: With no args, will try cifs first, and if it fails nfs.


Sets the root password of the system running on the livecd to Clonezilla SE server edition and Clonezilla Live.

Clonezilla Live Doc

Also, you have to create a virtual disk equal to or larger in size than the partition where the original cloned system resides; Clonezilla does not support restoring an image from a larger hard disk or partition to a smaller one. Another form of netboot by downloading a squashfs image from a given url, copying to ram and booting it. Next, choose whether to use a GUI-based backup and restore wizard or a Debian shell for lconezilla access and operation.

To restore the image under the Clonezilla Live shell, you must log on as docukentation, as in Listing 1; this gives you full access to Clonezilla. Use this option if you have problems with the hardware auto-detection. This procedure is shown in Listing 3.

Use this option if you have problems with the graphical environment configuration. For a successful migration, keep these tips in mind as you follow the steps in this article, and refer back to them as a summary. Clonezilla Live is a combination of Debian Live and Clonezilla; it has the following features and benefits:.


Third, put doucmentation system image files from the previous section under the host server’s second disk, Partition 0 of PhysicalDrive 1.

Use this option if you cannot get the graphical environment working with the default options.

This option forces the system to run the docmentation startup script and to run the hardware auto-detection from this script. Mount the clonezilla image home.

Migrate to a virtual Linux environment with Clonezilla

The ssh-serversamba-serverand nfs-server options are useful when you have a network connected, fench local disk free space or a backup image is not available. In this case, when you create the virtual machine, use the IDE type for the virtual disks. Please read the section about isoloop for more details. The default location for backing-stores file is any file named sysrcd.


The system will continue to work if the network is disconnected after the boot process. You have to replace x with the number of displays you want, and with your password The password must be between 5 and 8 characters, else the boot option will be ignored.

A backing-store saves all the changes you can make.

This is easier for you to debug. This is useful when there are two or more NICs are linked.

Adding this parameter, live-initramfs will try to copy the whole read-only media to the computer’s RAM before mounting the root filesystem. The the system continues to work if the network is disconnected after the boot process. In case you don’t want to keep clonezikla current destination partition layout, you also can try -k1 or another partition-relation parameter to create another partition table.

After the virtual machine boots up from the Clonezilla Live image, Clonezilla Live has the same GUI-based wizard interface for restoration as for backup until you choose the mode, as shown in Figure 8. For Windows system image restoration, the boot header has to be written to the destination disk. This is not enabled by default because could lead to problems by applications like “mono” which store binary paths on installation.