[Ita-eBook] Sit ‘n Go Strategy – Collin Moshman – By Ds & Mg. DownloadReport. Published on Nov View Download AddThis Sharing Buttons. It is true that game change rapidly but i found that this Sit ‘n Go Strategy by Collin Moshman book is based on basics of playing single table. My name is Collin, I have played sit ‘n goes for the past 11 years and .. Just finished reading your book on sng strategy for the 2nd time.

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Up your game with free cardschat membership. Sit ‘n Go Strategy.

May 20th,6: I picked it up yesterday and am now 94 pages into it. Some of the ideas and concepts in this book are good, and I can get behind them. Some of the things Collin is instructing his readers to do is completely contrary to everything I have learned and believe about how to play poker. Throughout the first 94 pages Collin repeatedly gives hand examples and details how the hands should be played. One of the things he keeps on reintegrating is to change your pre flop bet sizes depending on what your hole cards are.

He does not say, “Ok now with kings you always raise 4x and with 8s raise 2. This makes it really hard for me to get behind what he is saying. Has anyone else read the entire book through?

Maybe I am just not far enough along in the book and I will start to see how this would work out, but so far when I read that I should come in for a 2. Am I missing something in my play? I will admit that bet sizing is not something that I have ever really studied. I have always kept my sizing pretty much the same, albeit I do tailor my bet size to each individual table I am at and according to the specific blind sizes at the time of strategt tournament.


I always bet the same though.

[Ita-eBook] Sit ‘n Go Strategy – Collin Moshman – By Ds & Mg

I will come in for the exact same amount regardless of what two cards I hold. I do this so you will not know if I have 88 or KK or 67s.

What am I missing here? Why would Moshman tell his readers to vary their bet sizes? Originally Posted by FutherMucker. May 20th,7: May 20th,3: July 16th, Originally Posted by Zeruts. I read that I should come in for a 2. July 17th, Oh hey hello, Welcome to CardsChat.

This tread is over a year old. I totally forgot it existed lol. Perhaps i should read the book again with over a years worth of new prospective. I’m intrigued, one year on are you varying your raises or still open-raising everything the same amount?

Modern and updated SNG theory book for an intermediate player?

And what kind of results have you been getting? July 18th, One year in I am varying my opening raise size. I am only varying it based on my stack size though. I do moshmaj vary my opening raise size within that system though, unless I feel like the people at my table are clueless moehman to what I am doing and why I am doing it. I will however vary my 3 bet sizing depending on what I am trying strztegy accomplish in a multi way preflop pot.


July 18th,5: All these informations are very important for beginners like all of us. July 29th, September 28th, coklin, 5: September 28th,6: I dont remember Colin advocating changing bet sizes based on hole cards, what I do remember is that he varies his bet sizing according to position and the size of the blinds.

At the opening level he may be opening to 3bbs and at higher blind levels he may raise to 2. The other thing to remember is that he plays stakes where the other players pay very close attention to bet sizing – at lower stakes you can do more exploitative bet sizing.

If you still have noshman, I would just shoot him a private message telling him you have a question about his book, he is a super nice guy. Join the Conversation at CardsChat.

[Ita-eBook] Sit ‘n Go Strategy – Collin Moshman – By Ds & Mg

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Please log in to like this post. Join more thanactive members on our forum. I picked it up yesterday and am now. June 17th, 1: December 6th, October 2nd, 8: Originally Posted by Zeruts I read that I should come in for a 2.