Cowon proves that making a media player more like a handheld The bottom line is that the Cowon Q5W is more expensive and more. Buy COWON Q5W 60GB Portable Media Player featuring Wi-Fi, 5″ TouchScreen with x Resolution Bluetooth Enabled. Review COWON Q5W. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for COWON Q5W 60GB Dark Navy at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our.

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COWON Q5W 60GB Portable Media Player Q5WDN B&H Photo Video

Sluggish performance; Hit-or-miss touchscreen controls; Earbuds required q5a FM radio; Switching between interfaces when tweaking system; Low storage capacity. Review The Cowon Q5W blurs the line between multimedia-centric handhelds and Ultra-Mobile PCs by packing in an absolutely gorgeous display, wireless capabilities, almost limitless media compatibility, and an easy-to-use interface.

However, in our day-to-day use, we found several flaws that prevent this device from taking the PMP crown.

Aesthetically, the unit resonates a subdued elegance with its simple black-and-steel-gray q5 scheme. A slew of buttons and ports surround its perimeter: Volume keys, stereo speakers, power button, and a mic are built into the top; a retractable Wi-Fi antenna, USB and mini-USB ports, jacks for a headset and earbuds, and a power adapter adorn the right.

Cowon Q5W Review

Unfortunately, when you need to tweak system settings, the Q5W frequently drops you into Windows CE 5. We came across another major issue; the touchscreen often missed our inputs when we used a finger. The stylus improved matters, but we saw the best interaction when we plugged in a USB mouse.


That’s cool, but who is going to do that? This robust PMP supports a wide array of photo and 5qw formats, which looked stunning on the crisp x pixel resolution display; we had zero compatibility issues, and the PMP played back a homemade birthday party video at a smooth 30 frames per second.

The Q5W has a laundry list of compatible sound formats, and we were qw by the sheer volume that it could produce, although the loudness also brought some distortion. The Q5W also has an FM radio with unlimited presets, and you plug in the bundled earbuds to get reception.

The player is rated to achieve 13 hours of audio and 7 hours of video, but we saw close to 10 hours of audio playback and 5 hours of video. On Macs, however, the data exchange was only a one-way street; you can upload content to an OS X machine, but we couldn’t transfer files onto the player.

Cowon Q5W – Review of the Cowon Q5W

The company says this glitch is fixed with the latest firmware updates. It was a breeze to connect to the Web using the Cowon Q5W’s It took just 9 seconds to load YouTube’s landing page, but when we tried to watch Tay Zonday’s latest viral video extravaganza, “Chocolate Rain,” the video stuttered. Image-heavy pages such as CNN. On the plus side, we like that Cowon included Flash support out of the box unlike Archos, which charges extra for that plug-in. Cowno the integrated MSN Messenger client, we were able to chat with friends coqon found typing with a stylus quite tedious.


The GPS cradle connects to the Cowon Q5W via a port on the bottom of the device, and a coson is included to attach it to the dashboard.

The Microsoft Office compatibility, Web-surfing, and GPS capabilities are nice additions, but they’re nothing you couldn’t find on a smart phone for far less money. We have to give credit to Cowon for this ambitious device, but Qw is still at the top of the hard drive PMP mountain. Archos WiFi Review Archos’ latest wireless PMP lets you download movies over the air, but you’ll have to shell out more to get the most of this device.

Top Personal Media Players The iPod may be the world’s most popular music and video player, but it’s not the only one; several rivals offer enhanced functionality for a comparable price.

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