DEMOLAY RITUAL BOOK PDF – Ritual of Secret Work of the Order of DeMolay on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. DeMolay, but not be. DeMolay, but not be overwhelmed with the large age differences and ritual work . Junior Squire moves directly to the Round Table and places the book in the. Get this from a library! Ritual degrees and ceremonials of the Order of Demolay.. [ DeMolay (Organization). International Supreme Council.].

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Brother Master Councilor, the Sentinel is on guard fitual we are safe from interruption. Their return from the West side of de,olay Altar by way of North to their stations would be noted: It is most appropriate to have each candidate come forward and kiss the Holy Bible on the Altar However; in a very large class where thus would be too time-consuming, the Deacons and Stewards may pass small hand Bibles among the candidates.

Henceforth, you are bound to us by indissoluble ties in a fellowship for service and into that fellowship we welcome you most heartily.

In a way, you are in darkness about what you will be doing. When they reach K, they stop and face West. If dekolay it you receive a more graphic conception than you would otherwise secure of the fidelity which is demmolay unto death, then the purpose of the Degree will have been attained.

An Active DeMolay kneels on his left knee, his right demoly resting on his right knee, his forehead resting in his right hand as shown, his left hand around his right elbow.

Brother Sentinel, this Chapter is open on the Initiatory Titual. Brother Stewards, who are these who knock at the door of our Chapter room? When Deacons have finished collecting the word, Bolk. The spirits of my brave comrades would haunt me through all eternity if I surrendered them to thy vengeance.

The Chaplain kneels at the Altar on both knees both hands palms down on the Holy Bible, body erect, and head slightly turned up; eyes may be opened or closed. Brother Senior Councilor, why do you sit in the West? Then you will be conducted to the Altar where you will take upon yourselves pledges to which you cannot be false without the basest dishonor which would deserve the contempt of all good men.



We ask Thy benediction demolau all who labor for the relief of suffering and need. At conclusion, Orator rises, steps forward and picks up urn. To join with those who are dedicated to the clean and manly youth which is the best preparation for the duties of afterlife.

Active DeMolays kneel and r i se in unison with the Chaplain. Z is the point on the walking band nearest the station of the Officer s being directed. Thou hast been a brave foeman, thou hast a powerful following, but they are enemies of our Inquisition and we must know their names.

To assist the Councilors in opening and closing this Chapter and to conduct candidates through the ceremony of initiation. Their heroic loyalty glorifies our human nature and sets an example worthy of our emulation.

Suggested music cues are listed and it is strongly recommended that music be used. Chapter, Order of DeMolay. All men save their lives at the cost of others. You have solemnly declared upon your honor that you were not actuated by idle curiosity in seeking admission to our Order; that you were not inspired by an unworthy desire to be exclusive by belonging to a secret body; and that you would enter wholeheartedly upon the work we have outlined to you during our ceremonies.

Conic then, what is thine answer now? The striking of the gong and the dimming of the lights may be omitted at public occasions if the circumstances are such that that would be more appropriate.

Stewards stand by candidates. The step is made by placing the left foot in advance of the right, as though about to greet someone.

DeMolay – DeMolay Degree

Stewards assist candidates to kneel. But in a more vital sense, the South is emblematic of the noon of life, when you approach the years of manhood — when half your years lie behind you and half before. These and other virtues, which belong to no age or time, we have infused into our teachings as the most enduring basis of broadly built human character.

I place in the Crown of Youth the jewel of courtesy. Jacques DeMolay and three of his Preceptors, Guy of Auvergne, Godfrey de Goneville, and Hughes de Peralde, who have been subjected to several previous trials deemolay cast into dungeons because they have defied the commands of the Inquisition, and are now brought hither for judgment.


Advisors please be seated; guests please remain standing. Jacques DeMolay, tempt us not too far! All sit down, except J.

As the meridian hour of the day reminds the toiler that the labor of the afternoon must still be performed, so at the South you are to pause and bool upon the solemn tasks of the manhood that awaits you. We have taken upon our lips the name of a great hero and martyr of history who gave up his life rather than betray the trust reposed in him. Inquisitor, thou dost well to name the wolf and the robber, for they are guises thou and thy wolfish, robber brotherhood wear when they despoil the prosperous and ambush the defenseless Are you in trouble?

An femolay is going about lighting candles. Gentlemen, I take pleasure in welcoming you as gues t s of May we live demolsy nobly as thou hast died.

All Chapters are encouraged to work toward the complete ritual. In any case, M.

To symbolize your lack demolay ritual book knowledge about DeMolay, rituap will be blindfolded during the early part of the ceremony. A diagonal is placed at suggested points for pausing, but M. Jacques DeMolay, we would fain spare thy life, but our decrees are unalterable. The Orator should stand in front of the curtain, and at stage center to begin his lecture. Active DeMolays kneel and r i se in unison with the Chaplain. May this jewel in the Crown of Youth never be tarnished by disobedience or selfish neglect, but grow brighter as the years go by.

Mayhap its flames shall purge thee of thy stubbornness ere they have made ashes of thy flesh. Let us pause demklay moment in our deliberations demklay the Chaplain offers a prayer.