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Juliusz Siedlecki dr hab. PWr Rada Programowa prof. Wanda Ronka-Chmielowiec, dr hab.

Acta Energetica Power Engineering Quarterly 4/21 (December 2014)

The paper introduces the genesis and the development of stochastic modeling in the theory of choice under risk. Three groups of models are identified: The stochastic transitivity property of described models is considered. The case studied was the labour market as an element of socio-economic growth.

Variables describing the labour market were chosen and developed and the situation in Poland was presented against the background of the Danish and Norwegian proportional growth path. The research was conducted for the Polish stock listed companies with the application of a classification tree. Moreover, the intensity of the usage of websites for investor relations purposes varies in the different sectors of industry. The analysis uses Eurostat data – the income and the household expenditure on individual needs in two periods: This method was also used to separate the countries, in which the processes of consumption happen in a similar way.

The analysis showed that the structure of household expenditure is similar in the examined periods and the changes in classification are unimportant. It is striking that in the period in households the percentage of expenditure on food over total expenditure has increased in many countries.

The path of development patternconstructed for Polish households compared to households of the EU countries, showed that Polish households in need of Education have the biggest arrears in expenditure, together with Restaurants and hotels and Recreation and culture on which expenditure should increase.

At the same time, expenditure to satisfy the needs of Health, Food and nonalcoholic beverages and Alcoholic beverages, tobacco and narcotics should be reduced. Dickey in verifying null hypothesis that given series is seasonally integrated is SId 1.

DC5m Polish mix in polish Created at

The aim of the study is to determine whether the analyzed quarterly data series contain seasonal unit roots at frequencies other than zero half-yearly or quarterly. As a result of earlier work it was found that the analyzed series are non-stationary, integrated of the first order a few tests for unit root were made.

The present analysis showed that all analyzed series did not contain seasonal unit roots with a quarterly frequency, while the seasonal unit root with a half-yearly frequency contains only LDBR description of the signs is in a part of 1.

The next stage of the examination, to complement these results, should be cointegration analysis. Two main methods are used: The Johansen cointegration technique and Toda and Yamamoto s Granger test. The paper employs the one- three- six- and twelve-month interest rates of Poland, US and Eurocurrency market and tests the weekly versions of these series. The studied period is The findings indicate that the Eurocurrency interest rate is the Granger cause of the Polish interest rate and not vice versa.

Its Application to the Fusion of Enterprises Including Intangibile Assets Continuous changes in the surroundings of an enterprise force introduction of changes which are aimed at the introduction of functional improvements.

The synergy effect is thus obtained. It is also advantageous to include intangible resources to fully utilise the improvement potential of changes.

The application of relative linear programming. Careful preparation of a project course is therefore required. However, locally optimal project structures are usually applied. An approach leading to the identification of a globally optimal project structure is therefore proposed.


Maria Forlicz The Influence of Inflation on the Perception of Money Value over Time In order to check how Polish people perceive inflation in everyday life, a survey among young people was conducted.

Magdalena Frasyniuk-Pietrzyk Stochastic Dominance in the Evaluation of the Efficiency of Open Pension Funds The statutory rate of return used to evaluate the effectiveness of open pension funds investment published by KNF is a controversial issue. It is an incomplete measure of the performance, because it ignores risk.

Therefore, to evaluate the effectiveness of investment risk-adjusted performance measures derived from the classical portfolio theory are often used. The paper presents an alternative, non-classical method of portfolio performance stochastic dominance.

This method has been verified on Polish open pension funds market. This article is a discussion on the process-based approach and numerous concepts which apply to it with a special emphasis put on quality management systems. The authors also introduce and explain the notion of process management, thus moving towards the problem of process improvement. Another section of the article is devoted to selected methods which one may apply to process improvement. The paper also includes a detailed analysis of self-assessment based on the Capability Maturity Model as well as a review of its advantages as compared with other methods applied for the sake of process improvement.

For this purpose, a study was made of the relationship between the published rates of return monthly and monthly since for each fund and the number of new members of the various pension funds, the number of people who have left the pension funds, the increase in the number of members of the OFE and a fixed number of members of pension funds.

The study used a Pearson correlation ratio. The theoretical part describes the different concepts of grid control and the evaluation of their.

The practical part was calculated and plotted against the selected cards for the figures. Data used represent monthly deviations from the absolute and relative costs in the budget including the cost of manufacturing and service companies. The quantity sirrpie bank products for the real estate market has increased for the past ten years.

The credit policy has sharpened for the last few years. The financial situation of potential borrowers has influenced the real estate market. Prices of housing real estate decreased. Important factors influencing the real estate market are: The aims of the article are: All models are built using the dynamic congruent modeling concept.

Models are compare by the forecast errors. Differences of forecast errors are calculated using the Diebold-Mariano test. Analysis is based on Monte Carlo simulations. The aim of this paper is the presentation of automatic specification based on the dynamic congruent modeling concept available in the GRETL package.

An empirical example presents different aspects of reducing the sample from observations to 24 observations. Among them are the first-price sealed-bid auction with additional negotiations and a non-binding sealed-bid auction.

The analyses of optimality and efficiency are based on the results of the laboratory experiments. The Hurst exponents change together with the change in the dynamics of the time series. For all the series and for their sub-periods their harmonic structure was established, using the method of spectral analysis. It enables the reconstruction, by use of the Packard-Takens method, of the phase portraits of time series.

These portraits indicate that the economic processes are the configuration of non-linear chaotic systems. The developed decision-making model is based on the application of multiple regression. The main criterion while choosing an appropriate regression model is the verification of construction correctness and usefulness in practical applications. Moreover, two final decision-making models have been developed. The first model includes real-estate offer data, whereas the second model includes flats transaction data.

The application of the aforementioned analytical method is a basis for decision-making construction, whose aim is to support companies operating in the construction industry in the processes of decisions making.

The results provide information on the structure of relationships between variables organized into two-way and multi-way cross-tabulation tables of frequencies. The paper presents simple Correspondence Analysis CA and Multiple Correspondence Analysis MCA as methods for identifying the factors which influence migration decisions in Poland and analyzing its spatial differentiation.


Findings were obtained using data from the Regional Data Bank of the Central Statistical Office and the Statistical Yearbook of the Regions Poland However quality of life was worked out using poll research, which was carried in by the method of direct interviews in the field of districts of Podkarpackie Voivodeship.

The synthetic level of living indicator and synthetic quality of life indicator will be presented. The calculation of both indicators will allow the placing of the administrative districts in Podkarpackie Voivodeship in order and then the classification of the similar objects. Showing the results obtained will allow the evaluation of the geographical diversification of the level of living standards and quality of life in Podkarpackie Voivodeship.

Piotr Peternek Some Remarks on Testing Pearson s Correlation Coefficient The paper presents the problem of the interpretation of the significance of the results of the test for Pearson s correlation coefficient in conjunction with the regression model.

It will be shown that the test is considerably sensitive on the sample size.

In this context, the author presents an alternative method of testing and recommends another significant test to achieve the correct interpretation of the results of the test for the correlation coefficient. Each investment, including material investments, carries a risk. Rational risk management of an investment determines its economic efficiency.

Risk management can take place at the stage of dierpie the investment.


This is possible thanks to the models of assessment of the efficiency of investment projects. In the article the models of the assessment of investment projects are presented in the context of risk management. Three estimation methods of yield curve spline functions, the Nelson-Siegel method and the Svensson method and, for the estimation of interest rates, dynamic models such as: Financial institutions which make transactions on the financial market can often identify and assess risks associated with activities and manage them.

The situation is otherwise for individuals, because they are not specialized in risk assessment and are not always able to correctly identify all of its forms. Zofia Rusnak Measurement of Poverty and Social Exclusion Methodological Problems This paper presents methodological problems, divergences and controversies which occur when the assessment of poverty or the social exclusion sphere is made. Mistakes of this kind przktyczna in simple elektroinka even if professional programs like Matlab or Excel are used.

The author suggest that it is necessary to inform students about this in order to convince them that Mathematics is a lot more than computer calculations.

The author analyzes the defaults incurred during the first two installments.

In addition to the description of the importance of risk control of early losses in the credit risk management process, the author presents a method of assessing this risk. He also presents a practical example of the use of the Wald-Wolfowitz test in the context praktycznq credit siegpie management process. This example shows the practical use of statistical tests in the process of the minimalization of the risks of early losses.

The influence of personal income, the zierpie of the income of a reference group and the impact of the size of individual income on providing a prosperous life and income sufficient to meet the basic needs of individual well-being is examined.

The work also includes a comparison of the results obtained with the results in article [Ferrer-i-Carbonell, ], referring to the German people, and with those obtained in other articles. The analysis was conducted with the application of an ordered logit model.

The dependence among variables used in financial and insurance models is very often nonlinear. One of the possibilities of expressing such correlation is copula function.