ERICSSON 11/COH RBS OUTDOOR UNIT. · ERICSSON ROJ / OPTICAL BASEBAND INTERFACE BOARD. · ERICSSON ROJ . Find great deals for Ericsson RBS P/n 1/bfe Shop with confidence on eBay!. Launch 3 Microwave is your one stop shop for all your Telecom and Data/ Networking Hardware needs and genuine Ericsson replacement parts. We have.

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The robust cabinets are designed for outdoor environments and ensure full weather protection.

The small, lightweight units simplify transport and installation and can be installed on walls, existing rooftop structures, towers, or roadside poles. The Main—Remote RBS, erocsson which each RRU is located near an antenna, reduces feeder losses and enables the system to use the same high-performance network features at lower output power, thereby lowering power consumption and both capital and operational expenditure.

Since the hardware is separated into small, lightweight units that can be carried to site, the Main—Remote concept is perfect for sites where any disturbance caused by installation work must be kept to a minimum or for locations where space or access is limited. Main—Remote solutions are also ideal for specifically tailored coverage, for example, highway coverage, because the highly flexible RRUs can be spread over a very large area. The RBS can be configured for up to six sectors with one carrier per sector or up three sectors with two carriers per sector.


It can be used for both single- and dual-band configurations and supports the most common frequency bands: The RBS also supports a wide range of radio power classes up to 60 W per cell carrier. The minimal feeder loss reduces the need for tower mounted amplifiers; e.

Ericsson RBS P/n 1/bfe | eBay

If you need more information, pls directly contact us through online tool rbx other way you prefer to. The RBS offers a wide spectrum of outdoor applications. It is well suited for medium to large capacity needs and is easy and flexible to set up.

The low weight and flexible mounting possibilities offer the installation to take place with no additional load on the roof and with zero footprints, since the units can be mounted on walls or existing structures on the rooftop. This makes the RBS as a preferred alternative when traditional macro base stations are too heavy or large for rooftops with limited space.

As no equipment is located on the ground a simple climbing protection is necessary on the tower and the footprint needed is therefore reduced.

The RRUs can be spread out along the highway where all units easily can be mounted on roadside poles with negligible footprints to minimize the interference on the surroundings. On the strength of our abundant stocks of all parts with strict quality control, competitive prices and fast delivery, we have built a close relationship with numerous OEM, agents, brokers worldwide based on the mutual trust, mutual support and mutual benefit. Every day we help OEM’s, contract manufacturers and distributors to solve their most erisson telecom equipment sourcing problems.


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