Riveting epic, but too complex, violent for younger teens. Read Common Sense Media’s Finnikin of the Rock review, age rating, and parents guide. But ten years later Finnikin is led to another rock to meet the young novice, Evanjalin. A girl plagued by dark dreams, who holds the key to their return to the Land. Finnikin of the Rock. author: Melina Marchetta. series name: Lumatere Chronicles. Finnikin was only a child during the five days of the unspeakable, when the.

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At the age of nine, Finnikin is warned by the gods that he must sacrifice a pound of flesh in order to save the royal house of his homeland, Lumatere. And Lumatere is safe.

Finnikin of the Rock

And an imposter king takes the throne. And a curse is put on Lumatere, which traps those caught inside and forces thousands of others to roam the land as exiles, dying of fever and persecution in th camps. But ten years later Finnikin is led to another rock to meet the young novice, Evanjalin.

A girl plagued by dark dreams, who holds the key to their return to the Land of light. Three years after the curse on Lumatere was lifted, Froi has found his home … or so he believes.


Finnikin of the Rock – Wikipedia

But when he is sent on a secretive mission to the kingdom of Charyn, nothing could have prepared him for what he finds in its surreal royal court. Soon he must unravel both the dark bonds of kinship and the mysteries of a half-mad princess in this barren and mysterious place. It is in Charyn that he will discover there is a song sleeping in his blood … finnikln though Froi would rather not, the time has come to listen.

But what happens when loyalty to family and country conflict. Lady Celie of the Lumateran Flatlands is visiting the Belegonian spring castle on the isle of Ferragost.

The Lumatere Chronicles

Cut off from the rest of Belegonia by poor weather, she is confined to the island with four others, including the mysterious castellan of the castle. This time his eyes met hers and all those times Celie imagined he could be weak in spirit were swiftly crushed by the force of his stare. Then she laughed prettily. Her aunt said that when girls laughed prettily, they seemed innocent of all wrong doings.

She pushed aside the chronicles and made room for herself to sit on the trestle, preferring its height. She was all confidence on the outside, removing a stray of thread on her cloak and flicking it aside.

The King is always keen for me to know of any strangeness that may finnikib interference with his stay. There were events that stuck in my mind. One, for example, was the case of the missing palace seal at the beginning of winter. And then there was a case of disappearing letters.


Finnikin of the Rock has all the makings of a classic. Finnikin is a ripping fantastical adventure.

Recaptains » Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta

A Foray into Fantasy: Seven Must-Read Recommendations By: Rebecca Hill Long River Review. Recommendations finni,in Note for the crafty ladies lnkproductions. Book Two …Blood sings to blood…. It was a good enough invitation for Celie to enter first. She walked to the trestle where she had been seated two nights before and then crouched.

He did the same. She suddenly felt crowded.

But there was no time to reflect on the fact that Mr Banyon smelled of pine and sandalwood and sea salt. Because in the cold light of the day, the last smeared traces of blood were there on the ground before them.

Celie felt quite pleased with herself, despite the idea that there was a murderer amongst them all. They had the same colour eyes, hers perhaps a shade darker.