Manthra or Prathana Slogas for Early Marriages And Pregnancy: Manthra or Prathana Slogas for Early Marriages And Pregnancy: Om Devendhirani. Slokas of Garbarakshambigai: Garbarakshambigai sloka for Marriage and women to have child: Aum devendhiraani namosthubyam. Chanting the slokas during pregnancy would ensure safe delivery. Couples Who Want a Baby Shoul Read Mantra of Garbarakshambigai Chant the Mantra.

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Namaster By some divine intervention I came across this site. Let us try and reach out to as many women as we can. I can understand your worry and concerns.

Garbarakshambigai Mullai vananadhar Thirukarukavur Tanjavur

wloka Unfortunately age is against me. Other Mantras to conceive a male baby son: Me and my husband are trying to conceive from more than 2 year. After that I got pregnant for 2 times but had miscarriage. Thousands of people over the last years who have offered prayers in this temple either directly or through others have been blessed with a child.

I like the lord shiva in this temple too who is made of Ants mud and capable of curing uncurable diseases. Garbarakshambigai – Goddess of mercy blesses you with good life partner ,child and safe pregnancy Garbarakshambigai temple is located in ThirukarukavurTanjavur district, Tamilnadu, south india. I would request your help in sending Oil Prasadam to our address and Kindly do our pooja on our behalf…Thank you.

I am trying to conceive from past 5 years but no success. However you can easily look for Garbarakshambigai images and print out any image you like. Dear Sharmila Please click on this link to know available puja options and to submit puja details. Home Health Before pregnancy.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Hamavath yuthare Paarchve shuradhaa naama yakshini. My baby died in uterus at 9 months. However, I would still like to offer puja to MAA and would keen to have prasad before I get my pregnancy test that is due on 25th March.


Today onwards I have started to chant the slokam. Is it possible for you to send prasadam to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Dear Letchumy I have sent you puja details by e-mail. It went on for more than five minutes when i deeply thanked God for this beautiful sight. I can understand your pain and desire to become a mother.

It would be very helpful if you could please send me all the details of pooja and things I need to do. Please accept this sacred Offering, Lord Brahma, Who creates people, And who is the lord of the people, And be pleased to protect, This lady who is in the family way, From all dangers. I live in australia and been to the garbarakshmabigai temple when in india because i am trying to conceive they gave me the ghee prasadam to have it daily but i believe without my knowledge me and my husband had taken it after having non-veg food and not yet completed the cycle of 48 days ,due to this i am feeling very upset and planning to restart from the first ….

The act of faith is more important than a ritual. Please send me the details of where the temple located and when can we come to perform the pooja and get prasadam. Thanks and Best Regards, kavya. Can you please send me the photo of Garbarakshambigai devi please. The bus journey took more than an hour Can you please let me know the pooja details for the safe delivery?

Garbarakshambigai Slokas for Conceiving

We want to get the ghee prasadam. My husband has problems with sperm motility earlier and now even i got PCOS and hormone imbalance. I gave a sivanesan swamiji photo to him along with sweets and said ” the work he does in brining devotees to and fro to this holy place is a blessing which he got because of previous births good deeds.


You have placed your faith in Garbarakshxmbigai and I hope like thousands of others you too will be blessed with a child very soon. Hi Kindly send me the details on the pooja.

My name is karthika. Hi, I have been married for 4 years now and not able to conceive. I have just completed my first marriage anniversary. Aum devendhiraani namosthubyam Dhevendhira piriya baamini Vivaaha baakyam aarokyam puthra laabam sadhehime Padhim dhehi sudham dhehi Soubaakyam dhehime subhe Soumaangalyam subam Gnayanam Dhehime Garbarakshake Kaathyaayini mahaamaaye Maha yoginya dhisvari Nandhagoba seedham dhevam Padhim Megurudhe Namah Garbarakshambigai sloka for safe pregnancy and delivery of baby Hey sangara Shamarahara PramadhaadhiNaadhari Mannaadha shaamba sasisuda HarithiriSulin sambo sugaprasava kiruthbavame dhayaalo HeyMaadhaviVanesa Paalayamaam Namasthe To Gain blessings of Garbarakshambigai for safe delivery of baby: They said your sister will have a baby boy.

Oh the eleven Holy Rudras, we want to seek your mercy and blessing so please accept our offering which is made according to your wishes and please protect this lady who is in the family way from all dangers. Please help pass these blessings along.

What offerings should I give to the Goddess and what slokas should I tell? Please garbzrakshambigai me Thanks. Garbarakshambigai sloka for Marriage and women to have child: