Jun 1, Bataille uses parody in “The Solar Anus” to attack the concepts underpinning On another level as well, Bataille’s “Solar Anus” challenges any attempt at ” Parodie Cosmogonique: L’anus solaire de. Georges. Bataille. Sep 25, We learn that a friend of Bataille’s upon reading his essay “The Solar Anus” would be horrified to the point that he’d seek a “psychoanalytical. Georges Bataille – The Solar Anus english translation by marie_michelle_desch in Book Excerpts.

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Georges Bataille: The Excremental Vision as Solar Ecstasy

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Jaime Raposo rated it it was amazing Sep 09, Quotes from The Solar Anus. This, however, does not prevent it from being, at least for us, the first member and element of a future progression, that is, solaf a future mythology, which in general is already acknowledged in advance.

However, there are no vibrations that are not conjugated with a continuous circular movement; in the same way, a locomotive rolling on the surface of the earth is the image of continuous metamorphosis. It is impossible for her to know whom she will discover when I hold her, because she obstinately attains a complete forgetting. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

What Bataille basically understood first is that ALL anuus Love, but we just can not see it, “because everything on Earth is distorted by vibrations”, as he wrote, approaching Tesla’s geofges the Future of our Motive Power”.

Human bataillr tolerate neither sun, coitus, cadavers, nor obscurity, but with different reactions. Andrew Boyles rated it liked it Mar 12, In fact, the erotic movements of the ground are not fertile like those of the water, but they are far more rapid. Marta rated it really liked it Nov 22, Victor Albertos rated it liked it Oct 13, Animal life comes entirely from the movement of the seas and, inside bodies, life continues to come from salt water.

The Solar Anus

As such, the Anus, too, is the reason why this World exists, and insofar as it represents a dirty, excremental part, it, too, is the Sun, and therefore Love. Kyle rated it it was amazing Jul 13, Notify me of new comments via email. Without knowing it, he suffers from the mental darkness that keeps him from screaming that he himself is the girl who forgets his presence while shuddering in his arms.


Movement is a figure of love, incapable of stopping at a particular being, and rapidly passing from one to another. Close Table of Contents. Roland Barthes, Julia Kristeva, and Philippe Sollers have all written enthusiastically about his work.

The Sun exclusively loves the Night and directs its luminous violence, its ignoble shaft, toward the earth, but finds itself incapable of reaching the gaze or the night, even though the nocturnal terrestrial expanses head continuously toward the indecency of the solar ray.

Plants rise in the direction of the sun and then collapse in the direction of the ground. These two motions are reciprocally transformed, the one into the other.

Yet, it was against gelrges false semblance of Idealism that Bataille would lop the head of reason in favor of an interior journey into the labyrinths of the physical body itself, down into the sacred precincts of cruelty, sex, and violence.

Love and life appear to be separate only because everything on earth is broken apart by vibrations of various amplitudes and durations. The absent and inert girl hanging dreamless from my arms is no more foreign to me than the door or window through which I can look or pass.

Disasters, revolutions, and volcanoes do not make love with the stars. An abandoned shoe, a rotten bqtaille, a snub nose, the cook spitting in the soup of his masters are to love what a battle flag is to nationality.

This eruptive force accumulates in those who are necessarily situated below. Aug 04, Andrea M. From the movement of the sea, uniform coitus of the earth with the moon, comes the polymorphous and organic coitus of the earth with the sun. He rejected traditional literature and considered that the ultimate aim of all intellectual, artistic, or religious activity should be the annihilation of the rational individual in a violent, transcendental act of communion.

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Georges Bataille – Wikiquote

Conteudo que salta com estrondo e cai e escorre nas faldas do Jesuvio, a espalhar morte e terror por todo o lado. In bed next to a girl he loves, he bataile that he does not know why he is himself instead of the body he touches. And if the origin of things is not like the ground of the planet that seems to be the base, but like the circular movement that the planet describes around a mobile center, then a car, a clock, or a sewing machine could equally be accepted as the generative principle.

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Kind of shitty, to be honest. But the first form of solar love is a cloud raised up over the liquid element. The terrestrial globe is covered with volcanoes, which serve as its anus.

PM, II, 6. But it follows from what solag have seen so far that the unmanning, the downfall of the exclusive and upright-standing gods— an act that introduces the transition into actual mythology— is the overturning of the castrating principle itself.

Everyone is aware that life is parodic and that anks lacks an interpretation. Albeit elliptically, its aphorisms refer to decay, death, vegetation, natural disasters, impotence, frustration, ennui and excrement.

The main idea behind the Anus is that everything can be made the first principle of things, not just the creationism and science dichotomy. Although this globe eats nothing, it often violently ejects the contents of its entrails.

Feb 25, buttercup rated it really liked it.

Love then screams in my own throat; I am the Jesuve, the filthy parody of the torrid and blinding sun. The sacrifice of authority that the son represents as an acephalous figure also implies the renunciation of the ruse of reason. When my face is flushed with blood, it becomes red and obscene.

An umbrella, a sexagenarian, a seminarian, the smell of rotten eggs, the hollow eyes of judges are the roots that nourish love. To btaille other readers questions about The Solar Anusplease sign up. Without knowing it, he suffers from the mental darkness that keeps him from screaming that he himself is the girl who forgets his presence while shuddering in his arms.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Waking up I associate veorges horror of rats with the memory of my father correcting me… this has the effect of reminding me that my father being young would have wanted to do something atrocious to me with pleasure.