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This is plain and simple way of saying an otherwise seemingly complex topic of Manifestation. I have come here to remind you, that you are Infinite, you are Sat Chit Anand, you are the Highest level of Bliss, you are the Infinite power,you are the creator of your own Destiny. Thinking more about it, each one of us, do manifestation all the time. But unfortunately we are slaves of our own inhibitions. Our lives are very mechanical and are more guided by false dictums instead of practicality.

Over the period of many lives, we have now created that Sanskar to follow the traditions of the society and thus others, rely on others to tell us what to do, which in turn gives rise to grief when someone says something bad about you. Many of us know the below situation:.

Imagine in the above scenario if your acquiantace is lying or worst off, the other person in the story was talking about seeking forgiveness for any fight or maybe talking good things about you. Where will we place ourselves now after knowing the real truth?. How many times have you jumped to conclusion without knowing the full story. We have been trained to reacting and they have become our Sanskars and now we are slaves of them.

Sanskars beget Karmas and Karmas beget Sanskars. They have a very hideous and incestuous relationship.

Point to note is that both of them are negative energies and thus both have to be avoided at any cost. Never judge anyone-not even your enemy. Trust me friends, there is a very very deep message even in this one line. Try meditating on this line and you will get to know what it means. Siddhas say simple one liners but have complete scriptures in that one line. Siddhas say, no one comes into your life without any relation.

Over a period of time, I have noticed that as I learn more about them and try to put them down, I figure more intricate details about it which is a world within itself-Infinite.

I realise how much maturity it takes to be a Siddha to actually simplify these complex topics and how they put these seemingly complex topics in one liners. So leaving aside the complex and intricate topic of Karmas for a while, I would like to draw your attention to how the World works and how it was manifested. I think rightly so and good it is so.

Imagine if we all could manifest anything and everything just by our thoughts, at will, immediately then what a chaos it would have been. Someone hits your car and you seek his car blows up in fire and he dies a thousand deaths in it. What if that person was you?!?! Would you like it? Sane is the Consciousness and sane are his ways. Thus Siddhas and Gurus always say, trust in God. Because he knows exactly what you want and what you should actually be having at any given point of time.


From a microbe to the whole universe is his responsibility and he knows it well. That He is YOU!. So now that we have the facts with us, lets us see how things manifest and how to go about it.

Trust me this is the typical scenario that happens with us everyday. That is a different thing that we are not conscious about it. Albeit if you blok then you can enjoy this Hotel just the way you want. It is built to serve you.

You ask your friends for what they will be having and try to adjust with them forgetting that it is you who is going to eat and digest and not your friends. Most people act like complete idiots when they enter this Hotel Universe. This is often stressed by Babaji to make sure you know and write down what you want. Make a Golden book. This is contrary to those people who know the way around well, know exactly what they want and get it all in this life itself.

This is plain stupidity to even set such goals in life. Tell me if someone asks you to give him lots of money assuming you had Infinite wealth at your disposal and Infinite pure heart to give the money what will be your next question. Hmmm did you mention money? We all act as if the Universe owes us something and not giving it to us and thus we go about complaining.

The fact is you are that God, you create your own destiny all by your mere thoughts. So these complaints are a waste of time and you will manifest nothing except despair.

Do you obok food. I want food is very abstract, whereas I want 1 Mac Donalds Veg. Burger with Cheese and 1 Medium size coke is the correct way to order.

ShivyogThe Golden Book | Life Rules | Pinterest | Books, Life rules and Wellness

In wanting something people forget the Protocol or how to go about doing it. I am damn sure each one of us has undergone this in Hotel Universe.

We are too abstract in Demand and too specific when it comes to complaining and often concentrate on what we did not get.

Thus whatever you ask for even if it is via Sanjeevani, does not manifest since you were not specific. The Universe is a Master in Manifestation if only you can tell it what to create. I thank god there is no reservation system unlike Indian Politics. We all are equal in his eyes. He will give you what you want only if you can tell him exactly what you want. I want Money or a good life partner is abstract. What do you mean by a good life partner.

If you cannot figure out how could he? Woh to Bhola Bhandari hai. And even if he makes a guess on your behalf, we crib it was not what you asked for so why not be specific to the last Z. After sometime it gives up as it has now known you to be a cribbing, unreasonable customer and goes onto other customers who can order better. You were hungry before, now you are further frustrated. Ok, so now I believe we have understood the System and also our fallacies in ordering so let us learn the correct way.


Just do it the way you place an Order in a Hotel or a restaurant.

He has many other things to worry about except what and why you have asked for this or that and what will you do of it etc. He never judges anyone and thus he is not bool. Take your time to make up the Order.

Look at the Menu. Take your own sweet time to decide but once you have done so, Just Order it. Sit back and enjoy the ambience and the people around and expect to get exactly what you ordered incl.

Be specific in asking for what you want.

Golden Book

If you want 50 lakhs cash, then order 50 lakhs cash. Be loud and Clear that the waiter gets it. I hope this hotel is not like that last one…oh man how horrible it was.

These people look new, they never listen to me, these people will be no better, just wait and see, even this time what I ordered is going to be a mess. Be Cool, be confident, be loud and clear and most important be specific. Once you know how things work, you can always order more again.

The Universal Hotel is a robust system and can handle all types of people. But you get what and how you order. Want something right now. Close your eyes, Visualize you have got it. Use your 5 senses here.

Is this what you want? Now again feel it. Yes Perfect what you want. Good now write that down. Do this till you are sure you have everything as per what you want. Now start your meditation and when you are deep in it, feeling very peaceful, fully connected to the Source Shiva, Infinitestart the Order process the way you do in a grocery shop or a Hotel- reading out items one by one with all attributes like shape, size, weight, Hard crust or extra cheese etc.

Just order with full feeling that you have got it and are grateful and happy.


Visualization is the key here. If all goes well. You will be surprised how quick and efficient this restaurant is in serving its customers. Most importantly, never doubt about the order you placed or the process. Imagining the plight of the waiter? You guessed it right-Nothing will be served.