There’s a reason Weber State’s Taron Johnson played cornerback in college rather than receiver. His ball skills need some work. Johnson ran. A semi-tractor trailer and a combine crash on Highway 60 in Stoddard County, Missouri. Crash involving semi and combine ties-up traffic in Stoddard Co., MO Teal Pumpkin Project for kids suffering with food allergies. By. The Clemson Chapter Football Kids Combine will take place on Saturday, July

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Sports performance training has experienced prolific growth in the past 3 years. Organizations like kidcsombine National Collegiate Scouting AssociationThe Parisi Speed School Franchise and Rivals have helped to shape the process of collegiate recruitment for young athletes. NCSA is the largest recruiting network.

Crash involving semi and combine ties-up traffic in Stoddard Co., MO

For over 15 years, they have helped college-bound athletes become more recruitable. The Parisi Speed School has participated in supporting sport performance and results-driven training that uses many of the same metrics acquired from combines. Rivals has been a powerful influence in youth sports and performance training. Their events have cultivated an amazing athletic community while also providing kids with appropriate experiences and insight into competitive sports.


Rivals combine presented by Adidas is hosting a speed combine for football students who are entering or already in high school, Saturday, May 27th. This combine experience will offer freshman, sophomores and juniors an opportunity to see how their athletic abilities stack against high-schoolers from all over the country.

The best part of this amazing event is that it is FREE also free for spectators.

30-year-old woman killed after rear-ending farm combine near Tawas City

The Rivals New Speed Combines have garnered amazing participation throughout the country. Louis combine attracted over high school athletes.

Athletes that participate in combines throughout their high school career offer colleges a snap shot of their athletic IQ. After the combine, athletes receive reporting that interprets their scores.

These metrics are tools to continue to improve and develop over all athletic skills. Parents, athletes, coaches and trainers can use this information to improve training regiments, mitigate injuries and even work on weaknesses.

The combine results also serve to spark valuable dialogs between players and colleges. This conversation will expose a player to more opportunities is they have aspirations of going to college and continuing their sport.

Meet our bloggers, post comments, or pitch your blog idea. She is an international presenter and writer for both the martial arts and fitness community. Katalin is the mother of 3 children and kicscombine to the most handsome Chicago Firefighter.


Katalin is also consistently active with non-for-profits. She is author of the Book Weight Training for the Martial Arts and has written several training manuals. The Annual Holiday Letter! By Katalin Rodriguez OgrenMay 26, at 3: Players will have their times recorded in all the key football testing areas: Sign in Pitch your idea.


NFL Players’ Kids (Including ‘Stink’ Jefferson) Compete in Baby Combine

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