Ilford Microphen is a fine grain film developer which gives an effective increase in film speed whilst retaining much of the grain characteristics associated with. And to make it even sweeter the Kodak equivalent, DK, is a developer I had never even heard of until now! According to the Ilford Product. Ilford powder developer for film processing makes great use of the film speed. This makes it ideal for high-speed films and their accelerated devel.

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And to make it even sweeter the Kodak equivalent, DK, is a developer I had never even heard of until now! According to the Ilford Product page this is a fine grain developer designed for push processing faster films.

So for slow and medium speed films I chose to shoot at box speed, while faster films I went and did some pushing. Producing next to no grain and a pleasing grain at that and amazing sharpness and contrast. While it looks great in 35mm I would love to see what it does in Medium and Large formats…but that the topic of another set of blogs coming next year!


With Ilford Delta I actually found that Microphen pretty much produced a level playing field with the tradition FP4 and the modern Delta films and actually both take ten minutes in the soup. You get again contrast on point, no grain, and just overall a very pleasing and very printable negative as a result.

FilmDev | Recipes & dev times using Developer Ilford Microphen

It really helps smooth out the grain and gives really good contrast. Hasselblad c — Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm 1: So with Microphen being a developer good for push processing, and I do enjoy Tri-X at ASA I gave it a shot and was rather pleased with the results! Then there is the odd case where you find a film and developer combination that just looks like pure magic. Pan F remains hands down my favourite film from the Ilford line but when you pair it with Microphen it just goes to a whole other level of film nirvana.


Throw on a contrast filter and you probably have the perfect film at least for me. Nikon F5 — AF Nikkor 50mm 1: Overall I was really happy with this developer, and will certainly use it again especially if I do a project that would be best done on Pan F. Stay tuned for Part 5 where I go over the best and worst in the way of Ilford products at least in my humble opinion.

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