For sale are JBL H – 18″ W drivers. 25 Hz to kHz response. mm ( 4”) edgewound aluminum ribbon voice coil. 99 dB sensitivity, 1 W at 1 m. JBL H – JBL Speakers – JBL H super vented speaker for replacement or speaker upgrade. JBL speakers for DJ’s, Bands, and Sound. Get the guaranteed best price on Replacement PA Speakers like the JBL H 18″ Low Frequency Transducer at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free.

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JBL HPL 18″ LF Transducer – Speaker Exchange

Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Several of you have suggested, and it appears quite wisely, that the H would actually be a much better choice for home hi-fi subwoofer use. So, I’ve been playing around with alignments for each woofer, and it appears that you may well be right.

I’ve been running graphs on the Linear Team site, and in most cases, the H looks to give a flatter, more extended bass response, in similar cabinet size, than the H. So, in your collective opinions, should I dump my plans to use the H for a hi-fi subwoofer, and replace it with a good H? I could very probably sell the H to someone who wants it for use in a more high power system than what I have in mind for home use. Or, if someone has a really good condition H, and would rather have the H, I might be open to a trade.

Or, hell, I could just hang onto it, and use it for something else, “someday”, and buy a good H! What do you think, my JBL Friends??

Single JBL H 18″ Low Frequency Woofer Speaker w 8 Ohm HPL | eBay

I want the best VLF sub I can get, for my intended purpose. My power will come from a Crown DCA, in mono-mode, and we will very seldom require our system to really crank out the db’s!! Should I stick with the H, in an cubic foot box, properly ported and EQ’ed, or go with the H, in a similar-sized box, also properly ported? Thanks for any thoughts you might have on this! Take care, and God Bless! Every Good Wish, Doc.

The only thing that can never be taken away from you, is your honor. Cherish it, in yourself, and in others. Originally Posted by Doc Mark. Originally Posted by pos. Hi Doc Don’t let these simulations mislead you: You’re really making this a lot more complicated than you need to.

The speakers are designed for slightly different uses. First, the main obvious difference is that the uses a foam surround, while the uses a corrugated one. Because of the greater compliance of the foam, it’s able to more easily follow LF waveforms with accuracy, plus, it’s not as stiff so its resonance frequency will be lower than the stiffer surround of the This means the is able to more accurately reproduce VLF than the OK – so if the produces a little better VLF than thewhy even build the ?


Mainly, because of live pro sound use.

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By using a corrugated surround, they lose a little bit 2242n VLF, but there’s no comparison in terms of reliability. When driving the and to concert sound levels, they foam surrounds just constantly wear out – they’re not made for that kind of abuse. Hence the modifications to come up with speakers like thethat are really made to take whatever you throw at them. That’s why Scotty uses ‘s. Fortunately, their fidelity is such that they can still be used for purposes other than pro sound.

That’ my take, anyway You need a large diy MDF enclosure kinder like the one that I have. It will give U. Enterprising impulse and warp factor 10 sound 2242y Originally Posted by johnaec.

I like to see pictures Doc because I like pictures I like to see some pictures of the JBL from many angles because that is hot sub bass when fitted in the right enclosure. You can get more LF extension in a box half the size of the and never worry about “overexcursion” or foam rot. Greetings, Friends, Thanks, very much, for that additional information! I know, it seems as if you are repeating such things over and over again, and I guess in some ways, you are!

But, it is much appreciated, in any case. I rather liken LH to my stove collecting site, on which I am heading for 7, posts, not too long from now. I’ve been collecting old brass kerosene, Coleman fuel, and alcohol stoves, and gathering spare parts, and learning how to rebuild them, since the late ‘s-early ‘s, and in all that time, I have made enough mistakes that I can help keep new “Stovies” from making those same ones! Yes, it sometimes feels like those of us with more experience are repeating the same old stuff, over and over again sound familiarbut we have to remember that those folks that asked the questions are new, and do not have the vast experience read that: Sometimes, I think that, if I have to tell one more person how to remove and properly rebuild an NRV non-return valveI’ll go out and kick someone!!!

But, I have to remember that, to a new person, this rather simple and mundane task is extremely daunting, and quite scary!!

If a mistake is made, not only will the stove malfunction, but severe injury, conflagration, and even DEATH, can result!!! So, just like you more experienced folks here at LH, over at the stove site, we have to help those with less experience, to keep them safe, happy, and healthy. And, in truth, that’s what we want to do, anyway, even if it seems boring at times. Without new folks learning about them, our old, and very “obsolete” backpacking and expedition stoves will slip even further into the collective unconscienceness of history, and before too long, nobody will know a thing about them.


Same with thing JBL, as far as I’m concerned! So, please bear with me, and I’ll try not to tax your patience, too much! I haven’t built an enclosure for a good many years, and I’ve NEVER actually used a computer to model performance, prior to building.

I have alway sat down with some rudimentary jhl gear, my calculator, a pencil, and some paper, and worked out the alignments as best I could. Hey, most of the time, they came out fairly well, to tell the truth!! But, all this computer modeling is new, and somewhat scary to me, especially when I see something different, depending on which program is doing the work for you!! But, I promise, after I pick it up from Edgewound, jnl might be today, or early next week, I’ll snap a few and post them here.

Thanks again, to one and all, for your suggestions. Even if you think otherwise, I AM learning from your wise counsel, and hope to end up with something good when I am finally finished with these projects!

Originally Posted by toddalin. Originally Posted by hjames. Hmm cool – so – those look like some kinder Car speakers tho Will they really play in the home?

Can I just stick one in my B for deeper sound? I was going to run W15gti’s in my theartre, Alpine make one that is on a similar level as well. They arent as power hungry as “car subs” but then again, why would we put car subs in anything but our cars?

Originally Posted by Allanvh I knew that would get a bite out of you. I do love the car subs ibl well but only in my car.

Single JBL 2242H 18″ Low Frequency Woofer Speaker 800w 8 Ohm 2242 HPL

I will post some pics later of where my subs are positioned. They are both huge cabinets that are burried in the wall which just happens to be the downstairs roofspace. Subwoofer or No Subwoofer?

That is the Question. By Storm in forum General Audio Discussion. All times are GMT Jb, time now is Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano.