KDevelop provides seamless integration with a variety of documentation You can simply open a documentation page by hovering a symbol and then selecting . Support. Before looking for support, be sure to read the available documentation, whether that is the application handbook, developer documentation or other. The KTextEditorPreviewPlugin software provides the KTextEditor Document Preview Plugin, a plugin for the editor Kate, the IDE KDevelop.

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The directory in which the index. It is possible to link to anchor marks within such an HTML file using the standard notation of the format: Any address combined of base and section URL must point to kdevrlop displayable documentaion file. To illustrate, follow these steps: Using these tools one can access almost any local or remote documentation in a structured fashion even if the original is laid out flat or structured in another way.

The widget allows navigation, i.

It contains all information necessary to display titles and access the documentation file contents. If this check box is marked, an internal index will be built of this documentation item. Note Former KDevelop versions allowed to select the documentation items to be displayed on a per-project basis. One page at a time will open after a click on its index card title:.

KDE Documentation –

The code browser mode press Ctrl when clicking on an symbol makes it super easy to browse through an unknown code base. Actual documentation sources remain untouched. So, as summer is coming to an end, Google Summer of Code is also wrapping up, and the KDevelop Rust plugin is looking good at this point. Usually this collection will be empty at first KDevelop startup. Depending on the size of complexity of your project, analysis might take a while at first; but after that first time, everything is cached on disk and loaded in few seconds on each subsequent startup of the IDE.


This will delay the first access noticeably, because the index will be read from disk and then cached. Opens a Documentation Catalog Properties dialog as shown documrntation where you can change the source location of the documentation item previously selected in the list and rename it. Setting Up Documentation Collections. Index is a plain list of index entries – pairs of title and URL. Chat with us on kdevelop on Freenode IRC join via web chat hereor drop us an email on our developer mailinglist.

Developer Blogs

Localization of KDevelop is handled by the awesome people behind l10n. For a list of relatively trivial tasks, check out the so called Junior Jobs.

Opens a Documentation Catalog Properties dialog as shown below where you can select the source location of the documentation item to be added and name it. Usually this will be an HTML-structured file. I’ll go into a bit more detail for the last three since they were the most recent additions.


Feature Tour

Note KDevelop must have loaded the Documentation plugin in order to view the documentation tree. Handling is straightforward here.

You will have to remove them explicitely by other means. Building compiling projects with custom Makefiles Building individual Makefile targets Selecting a collection of Makefile targets for repeated building What to do with error messages 6.

I very much intend to continue working on the Rust plugin in my free time even after GSoC has finished, so please feel free to try it out and send me feedback.

Dkevelop documentation setup page shows the listed documentation items in a table with four columns:. KDevelop has sophisticated heuristics designed to present you with the most likely suggestions at the current cursor position.

KDevelop must have loaded the Documentation plugin in order to view the documentation tree.

The table to the left lists the files KDevelop found by their standard titles. Buttons to Maintain Documentation List Contents There are three buttons available to maintain the contents of the documentation setup pages: Documentayion The internal index will be built the first time the user selects the Index page. The mailing lists are open, you do not need to be subscribed to contact us.