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A National Health Commission was created to promote overall modernization of the health sector. This legislation marked the beginning of significant reforms eliminating restrictions to foreign investment and promoting the flow of capital into the country.

Supreme Court of Justice [28]. It occupies 48, square kilometers, making it the second largest island of the Greater Antilles after Cuba. See the Code updated through The main laws and regulations governing corporations are: The websites make accessible the full text of laws, decrees, resolutions, regulations 186-0 often court decisions, international treaties, agreements and conventions signed by the Dominican Republic as well as the regulations set in force by the office.

Legislation Dominican Republic (Lexadin)

With amendments, this original code is largely still in effect today. They predominantly hear police and labor matters, as well as any other matter, which Congress, through legislation, empowers them to hear. Primary Sources of Law 3. The island was discovered by Christopher Le inand was named Hispaniola.

Key treaties and bilateral investment treaties now in effect in the Dominican Republic can be found at the following sites: To assure an adequate level of income taxes, eliminate fiscal deficit, and reduce tax evasion, important amendments to the Tax Code have been introduced since year modifying tax figures and institutions.

The Courts of First Instance are divided into: Administrative Contentious Court [35]. Courts of First Instance 2. This Code effectively ended the French judicial tradition, originally adopted by Decree No. This law repeals Law No. Headrick Amigo del Hogar, covering law and case law. The powers of the government are divided into three independent branches: Judicial Power is exercised by the Supreme Court of Justice as well as by other courts created by the Constitution or by enacted laws.


The Land Courts are concerned exclusively ely procedures relating to leyy title to property, registering real property, and resolving other questions relating to real property.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce Ministerio de Industria y Comercio is the government agency responsible for formulating and implementing industrial policy, trade and mining and formulating energy policies in the Dominican Republic. LexLata is comprehensive commercial database of laws, decrees, resolutions, codes, case law, digest of cases and journal articles from Gaceta Judicial.

The French codification remained in effect until Spanish translations of the five French codes were promulgated in The main objectives of this law is to reduce dependence on imported fossil fuels and increase the diversity of lsy resources 186-007 stimulate private investment in renewable energy.

In addition to its powers to enact laws, the Congress of the Republic is empowered to increase, or reduce regular or exceptional courts, to approve or reject international treaties and conventions concluded by the Executive Power, and has the authority to review and approve the national budget submitted by the Executive Power.

They regulate the pollution of soil, water and air; dangerous substances; municipal and housing wastes, sound pollution; and the concession of rights for the use of natural resources, and delimits regions within the country to be protected.

The General Health Law No. Justices of the Peace 2. Supreme Court of Justice 2. The Constitutional Court Tribunal Constitucional was established by the constitutional reform, to defend the fundamental rights and protect the constitutional order.

A total of Executive Orders were enacted, touching on virtually all aspects of governmental administration. Code of Civil Procedure. Main judicial reforms were centered on expediting trials, and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the judiciary.


PGASE – Someten por fraude eléctrico | Listín Diario

From tomajor legislative and judicial lye started taking place to adapt the legal and economic framework of the country to a global and regional integration. The Code covers matters regarding income tax, tax on the transfer of industrialized goods and services ITBISand selective consumption tax. Five judges sit on each of ely courts, lwy the exception of the Courts of Appeals for Minors and the Contentious Administrative Court where a minimum of 3 judges sit.

Fifty-six volumes were published, covering the laws, resolutions, decrees and regulations from toarranged in chronological order. Although a Spanish colony, from forward France began to occupy the western side of Hispaniola by taking over large portions of land and converting them into agricultural developments, raising cattle, and stimulating an economy of French commercial goods.

This first volume was followed by two supplements: It completely modified the social security system of the Dominican Republic. In August 14,the Constitution of the Dominican Republic was modified.

It replaces Law No.

Someten por fraude eléctrico

This Code outlines the principles of the monetary and financial system of the Dominican Republic, and consolidates in a single statute all monetary, financial and banking norms, and modernized the legal framework previously established by the financial reform of Code of the Minor. Only one judge presides on each Court of Peace.

This work is a valuable source, in English, on the evolution of the Legal System of the Dominican Republic until There are several bookstores specializing in Dominican legal materials, 186-70 which are: